Author: Metropolitan Mum

Countdown to Christmas – Advent Calendar Day 1

Who likes to be photographed in their pyjamas? Me neither! But fear no more, unwrapping presents on Christmas morning in your PJs doesn’t have to be unglamorous. Behind the first door of the Advent Calendar waits a gorgeous cotton flannel pyjama from Charlotte & Co. Choose one of three lovely prints: stars, butterflies or flowers; […]

The Countdown to Christmas starts now

It’s here, it’s here, Christmas is here! Well, almost – Metropolitan Mum’s advent calendar starts tomorrow. And here are the rules: As it is common practice with Advent Calendars, every day from December 1st to 24th holds a different treat. A treat that remains secret until the moment of opening the respective calendar door. Every […]

All I ever wanted

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas was blaring out of the speakers above my head as I waded through the aisles of shingly wrapped perfumes and luxurious cosmetics. If only money could buy you happiness, I thought as I scanned the shelves. I would have bought the whole lot, re-mortgaged our house and bought […]

That Christmassy feeling

The other day I took little L to Somerset House for a spot of ice skating. After the skates came off, we treated ourselves to vanilla cupcakes and danced around the gigantic Christmas tree. Ok, I didn’t dance, but I watched my daughter perform funny little ‘ballet’ moves, going round and round, losing herself in […]

Scratching at the surface

The air tastes of change. It’s not the falling leaves or a chillier breeze that make me listen up and put my nose into the cold morning air – there’s something else lingering outside, waiting to reveal itself. I can’t quite put my finger on it. It reminds me a lot of the feeling I […]