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Pretty, please!

Can you spot the difference? I have had a complete and total makeover. What do you think? PS: Excuse the recent absence, I have been busy revising the book and scanning the market for underemployed agents. Normal service shall be resumed shortly.

Tidy up, tidy up

I’ve lost it. Seriously, I have lost my RSS feeds. There’s been a long list of coveted blogs I collected and started to follow over the years, and it’s all gone. Together with bookmarks and all internet history. I have moved from old computer to new computer over the weekend (and because I have been […]

What it’s like to be on TV

So there I was last Tuesday at Princess Studios, home of the Vanessa Show, slightly nervous and majorly intimidated by the humming business around me. All of a sudden, my recent courage (‘yes of course I’ll speak about sex on TV, why not?’) had made for the back door, abandoning me to sweat alone in […]

Nokia N8 – review & giveaway

For some strange reason my husband loves the fact that I am not entirely lost when it comes to technology. He has taken to calling me Technologiewunderchen, which translates into little tech miracle (and is completely exaggerated). When Nokia asked if I wanted to test their latest smartphone N8, Big M was therefore more than […]

About the book III

Just in case you started to wonder: I am still here. I still love my blog and all that (who) comes with it. It’s just that I am so preoccupied (read: obsessed) with the idea of finishing the book that I barely have time for anything else. Even if my beloved MacBook (thank you for […]


If you expect the latest gossip on who’s not talking to whom anymore in bloggerland; this is not what this post is about. I seem to be refreshingly oblivious to this kind of news – they tend to go straight over my head, and I only hear of them when everybody else has already moved […]

Just bleating

I borrowed the idea of bleating from the ingenious Home Office Mum. A bleat is ‘…a random thought you have (which you’d like to share) and is too long for a tweet and not quite long enough for a blog post in its own right.’ Let’s start with #icypavements Seriously, how difficult can it be? […]