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Girl crush

The fabulous Lily Lemontree invited me to guest-post on her beautiful blog about my favourite style icon. This is flattering for multiple reasons. Not only is Lily Lemontree one of the most stylish blogs out there, but also is her series ‘Style Icons’ one of my favourite. So whom did I choose? Let me tell […]

Under the weather

I am feeling a bit under the weather. Coming home from a long and sunny holiday does that to me. Plus, I miss my husband. I like spending time together as a family. And as a couple. Oh, and it doesn’t help my mood that we are going to be kind of homeless soon.

Christmas Rules

Christmas is by far my favourite time of year. I just love fairy lights, the smell of ginger bread, mulled wine and the colourful decorations that brighten up grey winter days. So when John Lewis asked me to contribute my set of rules for a ‘Perfect Family Christmas’, I was more than happy to join […]