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The struggle to struggle

One of my teachers once said “Those who fall over a million times are those who will end up with the most beautiful headstands.” Struggle (and to an extent failure) is part of the journey – in life as well as in practicing yoga.

How to have a perfect beach body

You can’t enter a newsagent these days without coming across magazine titles that demand you to ‘loose those last five pounds’ or ‘become ab fab in three weeks’, all ‘just in time for summer 2018.’ The way to the perfect beach body is often portrayed as a complicated one, littered with sacrifices, requiring a huge […]

Raw chocolate and coconut balls

I love a little bit of chocolate just as much as every other yogi. However, I am trying to keep my refined sugar intake as low as I can. Also, I often find that the regular corner shop chocolate bar sends me on a rollercoaster of sugar highs and lows – not a pleasant ride. The beauty of these chocolate […]