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And now the baby sings for us

yogaI have never been known as the most esoteric person on this planet. I can hardly remember my star sign, let alone any implications that are supposed to come with it. And although my direct environment might not always come to the same conclusion judging my behaviour, I would like to consider my decisions to be mostly logical, thought through and goal oriented.

In fact, when I was looking for a dress recently, my designer friend A waved a long, floating number in front of my nose – only to pull it away, accompanied by the words: ‘Nah, that’s quite ethereal. You are not at all ethereal, are you?’ Apparently, even that dress was considered to have more transcendental spirit than me.

But the times they are a-changin’. Not only did pregnancy turn a previously firm bum into a squishy-squashy cushion, but also my tough cookie soul has been melted into some sweet, soft dough. For instance, look at my take on yoga. Yoga to me was a ‘sport’ for the faint-hearted, for those in fear of a proper sweat and, of course, for hippies, sects and other weirdos. With pregnancy progressing and in urgent need of a good stretch and someone to tell me how to get more air into those baby-squeezed lungs, I started my quest to find a pregnancy yoga class to fit my mundane desires. To my own surprise, most of the yoga centres I visited have been a far cry from the smelly-feet hippie communes I feared to come across. Lured in by the irresistible smell of homemade cakes and cookies and convinced by the friendly staff in the open space café/reception area, my choice finally fell on Triyoga in Primrose Hill.

If somebody told me before my first class that I would be happily patting my tummy singing out loudly (!) for my unborn baby, I would have most likely choked on my organic biscuit. But what really swept me off my feet was how natural and quite logical it appeared to me to follow teacher Nadia’s suggestion to silently listen to my unborn baby singing for me. All of a sudden a feeling of warmth, love and contentment and the certainty that everything will turn out just fine in the end fulfilled me. I am hooked ever since. Yoga for everyone!

May the longtime sun shine upon you. All love surround you. And the pure light within you guide your way on.


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