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The Pregnant-Lady-Tumbler-Toy

tumblertoy34 weeks, 1.41 stone heavier and half a brain lighter, and I am still waiting for the blossoming bit of pregnancy to kick in. My hair has the same ashy shinelessness as usual and my nails keep crumbling away just like before. No significant changes on the physical side (o.k., apart from THE bump and THIS cleavage). What I actually do get is the bit about ‘loosing your balance’. Even in pumps I seem to have to be careful not to fall flat on my face. Although, I might just gently swing back and forth for a while before coming to a hold thanks to my newly acquired pivotal point.

Just made a mental note to design the pregnant-lady-tumbler-toy. When everything else seems to be too exhausting to tackle, and your overflowing hormones give you another rush of pregnancy rage, tipping and kicking the pregnant-lady-tumbler-toy could have exactly the calming and hypnotic effect to get you back into the zen mood your usual self is known for. Could be the big seller in the ‘Metropolitan Mum’s Pregnancy Essentials Kit’. Have to think about the other items, though. Suggestions welcome!