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Three is family

familyEvery night for more than two years I say ‘goodnight’ to Big M. More recently, I have been saying ‘goodnight’ to little L as well. I said ‘goodnight, little family’ for the first time last night. And it just hit me: three is family. I am going to have my own little family.

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  1. Cat said…
    Aaww you must be so excited to be getting a new member of the family. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot fun.

    I thought you’d like this blog. I laughed so hard reading it.

    P.S. Lovely design

    24 FEBRUARY 2009 23:39
    Tara said…
    Hey there MM (sorry but Metropolitan Mum is just too long to type out every time!)
    I really look forward to joining you on your journey. you really are entering a wonderful time and I wish you all the very best with it.
    Oh, and I cannot recommend prenatal yoga highly enough. Although if that darn woman said ‘breathe the baby out’ one more time to me I felt like I would self combust.
    I didn’t breathe the baby out by the way but I felt very relaxed about it all!

    (I did try to comment over the past couple of days, but your word verification thingy was having none of it)

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