Illustration Friday: Legendary

if-legendaryWhen I think of legendary, this particular time I had with A in London springs into my mind. Nights that started somewhere in Sketch, Aura or Pangea and ended with a trip to Maroush. The tahini sauce trail on your dress as a reminder where you have been the night before. Walking home in a mild summer night. And a friend that makes you forget all the smaller and bigger troubles in your life.

When I look down on the big bump, I am hoping for little L to find friends like this.

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  1. INDIGENE said…
    I love the paper doll quality of the image!

    17 MARCH 2009 05:46
    Rui Sousa said…
    Really well done, a beautiful work, so fresh. Nice colours and a great concept!
    Congratulations and regards!

    rui sousa

    17 MARCH 2009 18:15
    Metropolitan Mum said…
    Thanks, guys! I more and more like the paper doll idea, as my friend A is a fashion designer herself. I should definetely do some more dresses and have the girls parading in them. Fashion victims, sigh… 😉

    17 MARCH 2009 19:31
    Cat said…
    I used to draw paper dolls like this in elementary school. Lovely colors.

    20 MARCH 2009 02:07

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