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Who is little L?


Our baby bunny

Our baby bunny

Last night – just as almost every night since little L started visibly moving in my belly – I was taking turns with Big M in tickling her right foot and rubbing her tiny back through my skin. It is our nightly routine, and quite entertaining for the future parents, as she is definitely pushing back and kicking against whatever is placed on ‘her’ bump, e.g. Big M’s head.

Having such a responsive little being within me, I cannot help but wonder: does she feel how much we love her, how much we are looking forward to meet her? Does she ever get bored in there? Is she sad when I am sad, does she feel joy?

Big M mentioned research that shows foetuses have a similar level of
self-awareness to animals. And after evaluating all we already know about her, we came to the conclusion that if little L was an animal, she was a baby bunny. A creamy white and fluffy one, with the softest fur ever, a pair of long, plush bunny ears and a cute little bunny tail.

I am still hoping for a baby girl to come out, though.

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