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Finally there

After exactly 42 weeks, and when the hospital decided to keep me in for induction after a check rather than letting me go home, my waters broke all by themselves and little L began her journey towards us.

Our beautiful baby girl arrived Tuesday morning at 07:57. Coordinates: 7.45 lb, 57 cm. Far from overcooked, but healthy and happy.

Delivered by emergency c-section, there is a story to be told. But for now, I am going to put my feet up and my head down. Happy Easter!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so thrilled for you and it’s great that labour started of it’s own accord. Even if it ended up as an emergency section (both mine did too I’m afraid but I didn’t want to scare you before!), at least little L dictated her arrival. That to me was very important (and evident in her perfectly cooked status!).

    Enjoy and rest and sleep and eat. In no particular order. Lol, xxxx

    PS: I found having loads of pillows (especially the V-shaped one) a huge help in the first few weeks post-C-section when sitting up feels so weird. And despite being a total naturopath, I religiously took my painkillers (along with Arnica 30) on a strict timetable for the 1st 10 days. You don’t need to be in pain as well as adapting to your new little one. Xxxx

  2. Ooooh Congratulations. Have been checking and re-checking your blog to see if I’d missed the post – was waiting for something to happen. So pleased for you all. What a gorgeous little thing. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Hope you’re not too sore. Welcome to the world of Motherhood! About time too xxx

  3. Warmest congratulations. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Stay well and enjoy. xxx

  4. Wonderful Wonderful news!!! Congratulations, she is gorgeous!! Like Maternal tale I have checked this blog, you don’t know how many times!Well done, now it is time for you to enjoy your little bundle in peace, but we will be there for the details as soon as you are ready… well at least I am! Again, well done and congrats Px

  5. Congratulations!

    May she bring much joy and happiness into your life, and into the lives of all around her.

  6. Congratulations! What a lovely picture – gorgeous.

    I’m glad you didn’t have to be induced

    You take care of yourself, and enjoy these early days (and yes, arnica is great).

  7. Oh Congratulations, she is gorgeous. And as everyone else has already said, enjoy, eat, sleep, eat and then eat a bit more.

    Hope this first bit is all going well. Thinking of you!

  8. Hi there!

    Congrats!! welcome to motherhood. My little guy was 15 days over and was in the end a c-section baby. Relax keep your head down and enjoy, it goes far too fast!

    Irish Mammy

  9. shelley says

    Hello my dear

    GREAT to get your message. This week has been mad as Mike’s out, but would love to catch up!

    Speak very soon – big hug


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