1. Well done – you’re doing brilliantly. My sweep got me going with the first, so it could be happening to you as I type! Oooohhh can’t believe it’s so imminent!! xxx

  2. Good for you! Strong, capable mum, trusting you own instincts – and babe not even born yet. I admire you and wish I’d had that knowledge and determination when I had mine.

  3. I was over 42 weeks. Hospital got it very wrong and told me at first I was a few days early. Then after small child popped out, midwife gasped, as she was slightly over cooked and had been in the over a wee bit too long (well what they said was too long). But she was fit and healthy and actually slept and ate better than she does now!! And funnily enough she’s never really ever been sick (touch wood)

  4. the little sister says

    hey big sis, i´m proud of you! guessing i´m the only one here who doesn´t have children, i don´t really know anything about giving birth(and that´s good how it is, i think 😉 ) but i´m so looking forward to meet little L!! and to see you and big M again, proud parents than!!!
    kisses! your little sister =)

  5. Yay!! That’s such good news. I’m so glad you found an understanding and enlightened doctor, who’s actually on your side. That’s all you need.

    And as you say, if you end up having the induction it’s not the end of the world (beginning of the world as far as little L is concerned…) but will be because you’ve tried all the other avenues first. You should be very proud of yourself for being so strong.

    Hope the sweep helps too. Bit of a weird feeling but guess it’s all part of the marvellous, life-changing experience that is BIRTH!

    Lol xx

  6. Oh, this makes me so happy to hear! I’m so pleased that you stood your ground and that the consultant actually listened to you and was sensible. It’s when care providers only think of statistics and worse case scenarios that they lose focus on the INDIVIDUAL before them. Your birth DOES matter, it’s not only about having a healthy baby, it’s a holistic experience and you are well within your rights to try to preserve that. Well done! Here’s hoping the sweep worked some cervix magic and you’ll be holding your baby soon.

  7. Well done for standing your ground, I found it really hard to do so for both my pregnancies and regret that I allowed so much intervention for the first. Its good they thought about you rather than generalisations. I hope the sweep got you going and we hear of a new little one soon. And remember, whatever happens its only one day of your life and having your baby will far outweigh anything else.

  8. Really glad for you that you got to speak to someone who would listen! I still remember how vulnerable I felt when I was 2 weeks overdue and how everyone thought I was mad not wanting induced (the consultant I saw suggested induction at 39 weeks because he thought I looked like I’d had enough of being pregnant). It’s hard to stand your ground and hat off to you for managing to do so!

  9. So glad you had that nice talk. So much is about trust, and feeling you have a voice.

    Booking the induction date is an old mum’s trick. Did you know? The baby comes the day before. They know, you see.

    I had 3 42-week pregnancies. One consultant told me “I’m happy to let you wait. Usually, I’m pestered for inductions by mothers fed up with being pregnant. It makes a nice change.” That amazed me.

    Good luck.

  10. Thank you so much for your thoughts!
    It is amazing how much difference it makes, who you get to talk to in this system… As it was SO much fun, I am going to have sweep #2 today and will keep on walking around my neighbourhood. Nice way to get to know EVERYBODY.

  11. Hello there, when you popped in to see me I obviously had no idea you were about to give birth.

    Good for you on refusing to be fobbed off by standard remarks that you don’t want to play along with.

    I reckon it’s all going to go swimmingly and your lovely baby will emerge when he or she are ready

  12. WOOHOO!! You see that’s the force 😉
    Keep going, you are doing brilliantly! Be proud of yourself, so much determination on following your instinct, is really admirable!

  13. Knowing that this is really not the best time, I still gave you a fabulous blog award over at Mummy do that.
    No offence in the slightest if you’re not game!

  14. Hey there,

    I know you’ll have no time to blog at the moment, but just want to say I hope all is going well with you and your new baby girl. Sending best wishes (of sleep!)x

  15. I am just about to post a new entry – couldn’t wait any longer 🙂
    All is well, she is such an angel!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, I missed a lot in the past few weeks. She’s is gorgeous. I hope she doesn’t keep you awake.

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