1. Oh bless you I so know how you feel as my first two were exactly the same and I too wanted a drip-free birth and for nature to take it’s course. My friend is a midwife though and there are good reasons for not letting things run late – I’m sure you heard all the arguments for that and I appreciate we can never know when ‘late’ is for sure. We really have no choice but to put our faith in the docs at times like this and that can be tough.

    Very soon, you will have a sweet, precious bundle and the birth will be forgotten about (well mostly!). Stay well and rest up as much as you can. You are about to have a wonderful experience, no matter what. xxx

  2. Well put. Focussing more on this little bundle makes me instantly feel better…

  3. Honestly? I would keep fighting it a while longer. Fudge your dates, stall them, do whatever you can to prevent an induction if you are wanting a natural birth with little intervention.

    By ‘week 42’ do you mean you’re 41 weeks and entering the 42nd or that you’re already 42 weeks? They shouldn’t even be talking to you about induction until you’re a full 42 weeks.

    Are you trying any homeopathic remedies to bring on labour?

  4. Good for you Met-Mum. You go girl! You sound in very strong mode today and that is exactly what is needed when you’re dealing with these doctors (speaking as one who waited 3’5 wks after her due date!). I remember feeling so desperate and uncomfortable and miserable that I was begging my baby to come out – I think I actually wrote her a letter. “Please come and attend your own birthday party. Everyone wants to meet the guest of honour”!!

    Frankly though, I would smile sweetly at the medical bods and let them run their tests (it only takes half an hour of your day and it reassures everyone to know you’re tickety-boo). Then just do fun stuff for you – get a pedicure, have some acupuncture, eat ice-cream…whatever makes you feel good. Cos it’s all going to kick off any day now and these last few torturous hours will be gone in a flash (I promise!!).

    On a different note, there’s quite a lot they can do without putting you straight onto a drip. With my 2nd baby I started labour 10 days late but it all came to a standstill after 12 hours. A great midwife broke my waters and that really got things moving again. Also, they start the induction drip off on a very low dose and monitor you every half hour to see how you’re body’s taking it (just in case you decide to go down that route). Either way, good luck and…enjoy!

  5. I am 10 days past my due date tomorrow, which makes me full 41 weeks and 3 days. Unfortunately, this is considered a post term pregnancy.
    There is actually some real confusion with the dates. We are not quite sure when exactly it happened… So I don’t even have to lie tomorrow 🙂
    Big M will be coming with me. Being quite nerdy about, well, everything, he soaked up all the information there is and will challenge every suggestion. It’s just how his nature is, and I couldn’t love him more for it.

  6. Good for you MM. I think it’s so important that mums get to enjoy every last minute of their pregnancy and unless there is a medical reason or you or the baby are in any distress, you should fight your corner and go on being pregnant.
    Nature knows when that baby is meant to come out x

  7. Thinking of you today!! May the force be with you!!!
    Never watched Star Wars (stop throwing stuff at me! I am sure I am not the only one) but my husband and his sis keep saying stuff like this and it sounds quite cool! xx

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  9. I love your new site and your profile picture looks fantastic! I am enjoying your illustrations greatly. And I am learning so much about pregnancy 🙂

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