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Even in school I have never been good at either keeping up chain mail (hence my seven years of unluckiness regarding my love life) or taking awards with pride. It embarrassed me when my mum showed pictures of me on stage in my tutu to strangers, or when she framed and wall-mounted newspaper articles featuring her offspring. So being publicly honoured AND appointed to forward the laurels is a double challenge for me.

O.k., I admit to not being in school anymore, and the only reason why I haven’t picked up my awards and paraded them with pride is my current lack of time. I love blogging, and even more I love the blogger-sphere; a whole new world of support, inspiration, advice, empathy and sometimes critic has opened up in front of me. To show my honest gratefulness, I decided to create a little shrine to let my trophies shine in their utmost beauty.


The first one was given to me by both, Mummy do that and Tara at Sticky Fingers, together with the task of listing five things I am addicted to. Here we go:

1. Brunette praline bread spread from Le Pain Quotidien on rye sourdough bread. Crunchy crust, fluffy on the inside. Do I need to say more?
2. Manicures and pedicures. Just makes me feel great, no matter how crappy the outfit or stubborn the hair.
3. Coffee. I am down to two a day at the moment, as I don’t want little L to be awake all night. Feels like cold turkey to me.
4. Cars. Fast, neat sport cars. I just love their roaring sound, the vibration of the engine, the power underneath your hands…
5. Beautifier in all form of tubs, pots, jars and bottles you can think of. Clarins, Neil’s Yard and Aveda are my favourites. I have no idea, if all the creaming, rubbing and massaging works, but I am too afraid to try not to…

I am passing this on to Maternal Tales, with all my admiration for handling the ‘bloody’ situation so well (again!).


This one was given to me by Joanne at Reasons To Be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3. I saved the image, but I forgot about the rules. Please forgive me, Joanne, if I was meant to do something, I just cannot remember. But as this was an award for having a heart, not a brain, I hope you don’t mind too much.

I am handing this one over to Mummy do that. Whilst I am not even able to keep up with the news, I envy her for her empathy and her sense of the bigger picture (child poverty, health system…).


Last but not least I was awarded by the Fab Brunette. The award rules include listing five of my fabulous addictions (which I listed above) and passing the award on to five fellow fabulous bloggers. This one goes to:

Joanne at Reasons to Be Cheerful, 1, 2, 3. for being such an inspiration. Joanne; I would have loved to have a mum like you!
Peggy Poser at Perfectly Happy Mum for making me laugh again and again, for being open and honest and for sticking to her guns when it comes to questions of the heart. And, of course for her eclectic taste in music!
Furthermore: Zooarchaeologist at Being a Mummy (can I borrow Baby Fifi in return?), Mamma Po at Home Mum of 2…, Elsie Button at Flowers, Fairies and Fairy Cakes who just had a baby girl, too, and Tara (although you have this one already, I know) for welcoming me enthusiastically and with open arms when I made my first, wonky steps into this new world.


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