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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. I


Just one more bite, o.k.?

Little L was six weeks yesterday, and so is my scar. I went to see my GP on Monday, and here is the verdict: Everything hunky dory, I can get pregnant again. Hooorray! Only kidding.

Six weeks of sitting on the sofa, stuffing my face with chocolates and ice cream – all with the excuse of having had a caesarean – have come to an end. In fact, I couldn’t move much right after surgery. But even though I could have been more mobile recently, I just haven’t upped my speed or the amount of moving around at all.

I thought it would be easy. I would just go back to my usual diet, do long walks in the park, Pilates when little L was sleeping and with breastfeeding – ta-dah! – the weight would just drop off. I am eating my words. And the cake, and the ice cream, and the chocolates. Somehow, I am not only too tired to lace up my trainers, let alone make it to the park, I am so off my usual diet, I don’t recognise myself anymore. The only thing that keeps me going is this magical substance consistent of nothing but sugar and fat that some genius has called chocolate. I am so tired; I need sugar to keep me from fainting. Pure, refined sugar held together by cocoa butter.

This has to stop. Now. I am feeling all wobbly, my clothes don’t fit anymore, and I am neither going to get back into my maternity jeans, nor am I going to spend money for a wardrobe that, eventually, will be a size too big. On top of it, we are going on a fabulous holiday mid July, and I do not want to hide in a tent-sized sarong whilst all the French ladies around me parade their toned, tanned pins along the beach. So here is the plan:

I will join the Wednesday Weigh-Ins at Blog to Fit to keep me motivated (or publicly humiliated). Their BMR calculator told me, that to maintain my weight I would need 1,933 calories a day, plus roughly 500 calories for breastfeeding. That means about 2,433 per day. To loose a pound per week, I only need to cut out 500 calories a day. Sigh. Giving up my daily afternoon pastry plus tall latte would do the trick. If only I wasn’t so tired! So maybe ‘just’ increasing the amount of sleep could be the solution?

Now for the weigh-in:

Starting weight Wednesday 20 May: 136 pounds

How many pounds left to lose: 11


  1. Well you are looking good!
    Don’t go mad Mrs., take it gently, breast feeding is quite a bit to be contending with, without worrying about your weight. Good luck.

  2. So this is it, you have reached that in between stage… the one when you are over the excitement of being lighter because the baby is now out and to be honest you have other things to think about than counting calories. But you are now longing to get back into your old clothes and feel fit again. Nothing fits you well enough, everything being either too loose or too tight and you feel a little scruffy…
    Don’t worry you’ve just made the decision and you are now on track!!! WELL DONE YOU!
    I was exactly in that same mood when I joined slimming world after my second baby was born. Now not only I have lost all the babiES weight but I am on track to lose the “I’m in love, met a great guy, lets stuff our face with late curries, pizzas, whatever as long as we do it together”. Yes I am talking about all the weight I piled on from the moment I met my husband.
    A little tip though, treat yourself with a nice pair of trousers that do fit. Don’t pay them a fortune, but they will make you feel better within yourself while you are in transition 🙂
    BTW I recommend slimming world if you don’t want to ever feel hungry but still lose weight! I sometime feel I never stop eating but I still lose weight at the weigh in, I LOVE THAT!!

  3. I managed to put on weight after our first was born, and I wasn’t even the one who was preggers!

    When you’re awake for so much more of the day than you’re used to, its easy to just graze out of boredom. I always nicked a couple of chunks of dairy milk whilst I was waiting for the bottle warmer to work at 3am. That was my downfall 🙂

  4. @Margarita: So that’s it then. No more cupcake posts! 😉

    @Joanne: Thanks. The picture has been taken 2 years ago… And no, I will not overdue it, I don’t have the energy to overdue it…

    @Peggy: Wow, that’s what I call determination. Is it easy to follow? And for sure no starving? I hear what you are saying about the eating with a loved one, it is just so… lovely!

    @Alex: I am eating so much chocolate, I am afraid my teeth will fall out shortly. Chubby and no teeth, what a brilliant combination! Did you ever get rid of the extra weight?

  5. Not yet is the answer to that- number two is here now so the fridge is restocked with chocolately goodness. I have started a 5 mile round walk to work in an attempt to shift the weight but my brain seems to think this means I can eat more chocolate to compensate.

    I genuinely think we need a 30 hour day to fit everything that needs doing in. We need to slow the earth down a bit…

  6. Good for you my dear.
    I wish I had a bunch of people egging me on and telling me to step away from the chocolate bar just after I’d had my babies. Maybe then I wouldn’t be in the trouble I’m in now!
    Really good luck to you (and I’ll be there shouting at, oops, I mean giving you gentle encouragement!

  7. I am the voice of the temptress. I say “relax”. Six weeks is early days. Cut down if you can, but this is not the time to expect drastic action and iron will power. Go easy on yourself. You have a baby, and they are demanding enough, without putting extra demands on yourself.

    My midwife always told me “9 months up, 9 months down”.

    See. The voice of the temptress.

  8. @Alex: I hear you on that extra six hours. I would use mine for sleep.

    @Major Tara: Thanks for shouting 🙂 If only I manage not to gain weight, I am somewhat content.

    @Iota: Wise midwife. I am just trying to cut out every other pain au chocolat. Two a day sounds a bit much – even when breastfeeding. Iron power? Haha. Soft dough is my middle name…

  9. I know it’s a truly hideous feeling – that weight you have after giving birth (and yes I probably dion’t need to tell you again but I will anyway, just to make you feel better – I put on 5 stone during my first pregnancy). And because I was breastfeeding I was extra hungry so I didn’t actually lose any weight at all until 4 months later (and that was only because I got a horrible tummy bug). But the whole breastfeeding just makes the weight drop off is a load of crap. I don’t believe anyone who says that. I had to go on a serious diet to lose the weight – and it took me about 18 months (just in time to get pregnant again)!! Then I put on 3 stone and it took me another year to get that off…but I did. And I did feel hideous duing that time despite having two beautiful children. But you do need new clothes because trying to squeeze into your old ones will make you feel horrible and maternity ones just remind you of when you had a lovely taught (if not huge and round) belly. So buy some cheap things and just take is slowly. It will happen, but in the meantime, try not to get too miserable about it….and good luck! xxx

  10. Good luck with the Weigh-in’s hun. Although I really wouldn’t worry too much – the weight will melt away with breast-feeding and new baby stress! Go pound those pavements whilst you show off lil L in her shiny new buggy.

    A little something for you over at my place – don’t think you have this one…X

  11. Awarded? Me? Again? Twice in one day? *blushing* Thank you!

    PS: @Maternal: 5 stone??? You have to share the how-I-got-rid-of-it secret!

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