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The common denominator: a big bump

Have you ever been on a blind date with more than 17 participants? Well, I just came back from one. I was looking forward to this date with great anticipation, threw on my newest frock (Peggy ordered to buy one and off I went) and even applied some fake tanning lotion to my legs to look my best. Unfortunately, the self-tanning effect only kicked in a few hours after application, i.e. when lunch was served. I officially apologise to Being a Mummy to my left and Big M to my right for the biscuity smell that developed slowly but steadily from underneath the table during mealtime.

Meeting the other blogging mums offline felt to me like going on a blind date. You pour your heart out, you confess your struggle with breastfeeding, you basically strip down emotionally in front of complete strangers. And then you meet. Offline. In real life. Face to face. And even though we might have disagreed in the past about certain topics, I was very much looking forward to meet them all. And to find out how Maternal Tales shed those amazing 5 stone after two pregnancies…

My pregnancy came as a surprise to me. Of course, I know HOW I fell pregnant. I just didn’t think it would happen that fast. Especially not after my gynaecologist diagnosed me with PCOs and recommended to start taking hormones sooner rather than later. With these thoughts in mind, I quit my job to renovate our house and found out I was pregnant two weeks later. It almost knocked me off my feet. How did this happen? I wasn’t supposed to be fertile at all. I was supposed to spend a lot of time with Big M, go to places, and finally do a Madge. All of a sudden, I felt completely alone and overwhelmed by the situation I got myself into. So I started to look around to find other like-minded women.

Thanks to Susanna, I stumbled across British Mummy Bloggers. Just when I thought my life was over, and I would end up talking to the lilac painted walls in my freshly renovated home, I realised that there was a whole new world out there, waiting to be discovered.

I never aimed and still don’t expect to make any money from my blog. I just hope to have an outlet that will help me keep sane and maybe make a friend or two along the way. 


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