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Smoking only in designated areas

snc10204Yes, it is true what they say, they grow up faster than you could ever imagine. In her unbelievable fabulousness, little L is soaking up her environment like a little sponge, discovering her own hands to grab mummy’s nose or punch herself in the face. Apparently, she hasn’t discovered coordination yet. At two months of age, she loves being propped up to not miss a tiny thing of what is going on around her. So we splashed out a little and ordered this fabulous bouncy chair from Mamas&Papas. I particularly like the tag that is dangling from its side. It left me wondering which message they are trying to get across.

a)    It is ok for your infant to have a cigarette in this chair, as it is fire resistant.

b)   It is ok for mummy to have a cigarette in this chair, as it is fire resistant.

c)    It is ok to use this chair as an ashtray. Or:

d)   If your house should burn down, all you get to keep is this bl**dy bouncy chair, as it is fire resistant.

snc10206Another daily cheer-up: the tags inside baby clothes. Keep away from fire? I mean, come on, how stupid do you think I am? Of course I am keeping it away from fire, especially as I dress my baby in it. DOH!


  1. It always amuses me when the label on child medicines tell you that they shouldn’t drive or operate machinery when taking the stuff.

  2. @Iota: What? I shouldn’t have let her drive? Must read lables more thoroughly.

  3. LOL You have to wonder what kind of people are allowed to have children when baby clothes are required to have tags like that!

    Great post:)

  4. There should be another tag on there telling you to take the tag off because the tag isn’t fire resistant, and then you’d need another tag….
    It’s a mad, mad world!

  5. I think the tag on this bouncy chair actually says that it is ok to have a cigarette in this chair as long as you don’t wear this tee shirt or you could catch fire… I did spend a lot of time wondering why they felt the need to put this messages. It is all about health and safety so I wonder how many idiots tested its fire resistance…

  6. I can imagine the testers now, sitting around (in?) the chair, chain smoking and poking each other with their lit fags. It IS a mad world.

  7. Ho ho ho – this post did make me laugh, Met Mum.

    But then I had a thought. Surely you’re not physically allowed to be this funny with a newborn (and I think 9 weeks still counts as fairly newly born)??? Shouldn’t you still be obsessing about sleep, sleep and, er, sleep? I know I still am and my youngest is almost 2 years old. My sense of humour only returned…ummm…well, maybe I’ll get back to you on that one!

  8. @Home Mum of 2 (…): Good to have you back! And, erm… whisper… she is sleeping through since a few days. More sleep = more active brain cells = more capacity to create and think about irrelevant nonsense, yippieh!!

  9. Well that is just sickening, frankly! Mine were 9 months before they did any of that sleeping-through thing. It’s still a bit of a gamble, even now to be honest and I always go to bed crossing my fingers.

    Like, what is in that breastmilk of yours??? Harrumph!

  10. Well, no need to be sick. She stopped after three nights in a row. But still, waking once between 7 and 7 isn’t too bad for a 10 weeks old, I guess 🙂

    PS: Magical breastmilk potion a la Asterix. I get up very early every morning to pick the herbs whilst the mist is still hanging in the trees…

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