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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. VI. Or: Melting away

big-m-cooked-up-a-mealHaven’t you heard? Thursday is the new Wednesday, yippee! As I forgot to step on the scales yesterday, I am making up for it today with my weekly flabloss post.

And no, I have no idea who was cheeky enough to place a jar of REAL mayonnaise on the table.

On the fitness front, all is still sunny and bright. I established a routine of swimming twice a week and mummy & me yoga once a week. As little L gets heavier and heavier, the exercises get more intense. Here is for you to try at home: Balance a 13-pound bag of potatoes on your stomach whilst lying down. Bend your legs and put your knees up, feet on the ground. Lift your bum up and down without loosing the potatoes. Exchange potatoes against baby once you mastered the exercise.

In addition to the scheduled exercise, I am walking around for at least an hour a day with the pram. Not only does this count as extra exercise, but also do I have the most glowing complexion ever, which comes in handy to cover up the dark circles around the eyes.

I am trying to eat more healthily, which is getting easier the more sleep I get. Breastfeeding seems to help burn calories as well – I don’t have the feeling of depriving me of anything. The pounds melt away, without cutting out the chocolate. I know, it’s not fair, but this is the best diet I have ever been on!

Now for the weigh-in:

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last week: 133 pounds

This week: 131 pounds

Pounds lost: 2

How many pounds left to lose: 6

More on how to get bikini-ready here.


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