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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. IV. Or: Where positive thinking leads to shrinking

The fruit of temptation





Hurray! I found a nice gym with a nice crèche. So nice in fact, that I’d rather spent my hours sitting in the crèche than on the gym floor, but I guess I’ll have to grow up here. I will have my fitness assessment (uh-oh…) tomorrow, and for the first time in her short life, little L will be looked after by strangers for a total of 60 minutes. If mummy doesn’t burst into tears and rescues her before the time is up, that is.


During the past week, little L and me made it twice to Mummy & Me yoga. If you think these classes were all about gazing at each other’s babies, dadada and peek-a-boo, you are just wrong. I was working up a good sweat and left the studio huffing and puffing.

On a nutritional level, I have been quite bad last weekend. Pizza-for-lunch and curry-for-dinner bad. Also, during the past days and with the generous support of Big M, I managed to clear out the naughty cupboard. Almost all our souvenirs from the trip to Germany are gone. Well done, me! But: I did cut out my afternoon pastry completely, just the odd vanilla latte or hot chocolate remains to cheer me up on my daily stroll around the neighbourhood.

Walking is supposedly good for you. The only problem with this neighbourhood is the density of bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops on the way. And I am not good at saying No at the moment, it seems.

Having said all of the above, I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scales this morning. How did this happen? Is it really just one pastry a day less? Or is it all down to the positive thought of potential exercise in mind that made me shrink miraculously?

Now for the weigh-in:

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last week: 135 pounds

This week: 133 pounds

Pounds lost: 2

How many pounds left to lose: 8

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  1. Well done! It’s so hard to say no to sweets.

    Good luck leaving your babe for a full hour. You will be fine:)

  2. Well, that’s quite a consistent success! And only 8 lbs to go, that should be a walk in the park!

  3. Hi Metropolitan Mum. Good to meet another Londoner. I’m from England living in Canada. And oh how I miss London neighbourhoods dense with bakeries, restaurants and coffee shops. I too am on a mission to loose the baby weight (only thing that works for me is running). Sounds like you’re doing great.

  4. I took yoga as a required PE class in college. It kicked my butt! I would have tried to keep up with it at home, but with 3 kids it’s impossible.

    Hey those pastries add up! If that pastry was 500 calories and you had 7 a week, you just eliminated 1 pound worth of calories.

  5. A diet which includes pizza & curry. Weight loss I could get on board with. Well done.

  6. Best of luck on the fitness program! — and great progress, too!

    I sure wish I could knock off as big a percentage of my weight loss goal, but I’ve got a lot further to go. 🙁

  7. @ModernMom: I left her for a full hour. She didn’t even blink. It’s depressing 😉

    @Cartside: I am walking! I am walking!

    @Lady Mama: Well, on my daily walk it’s not so helpful. And closing my eyes is not really an option either.

    @Turf Dad: The pastry might easily have been 500 cals. What does a Starbucks Chocolate Chip muffin have?

    @Kat: Well, they say you shouldn’t shock the system… Thinking about how to incorporate cupcakes into the diet now.

    @Mike: Thanks! You are doing great. I’ll see you next Wednesday 🙂

  8. Uhh… that’s not an improvement, or much of one depending on what kind of pastries you were eating. Cream Cheese, my favorite. Instead of eliminating your treat, why don’t you just cut it in half? I haven’t eliminated anything, just downsized the amounts.

  9. You are doing so so well. Maybe you didn’t have enough to lose!!!! Hee hee… Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday x

  10. Congrats on your fitness programme – wow! I am so impressed with your energy and determination! I will visit your blog to be inspired after baby arrives.

    All the best
    Irish Mammy!

  11. @Turf Dad: Oh yes it is! I cut out the muffin, I didn’t use it as replacement, of course. Down from 2 pastries a day to only one. So I guess that’s almost as good as cutting one in half 🙂

    @MT: I know, I am such a let down. Must try harder next time 😉 To be honest, I have been so sick in my pregnancy to begin with, I didn’t crave much but to lay down and have food as far away from me as possible…

    @Irish Mammy: You will be in good company. Maternal just wrote a post about pregnancy weight, Tara at Sticky Fingers is one of the founders of Blog to Fit, Cartside decided to join… And nobody is going to tell you off when you fall off the wagin every now and then. And now excuse me please, I need to get the croissants from the oven 🙂

  12. WTG you are doing so good!! How come I’m not??? Okay, I know the answer to that, lol… but I got a new gym membership 🙂

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