Once again – it’s award time!

meme_awardAmy from And 1 More Means Four gave me the Meme Award. Thanks, Amy, and if it wasn’t you who had given it to me, I would have loved to award you straight back. This fabulous lady tackles life with four little ones plus job, whereas I tear my hair out about runny poo and babysick caused by only one. I think she’s doing amazing – having met her in the flesh, I can assure you she still has a full head of hair.

Now for the rules: list seven personality traits of yourself and award seven fellow bloggers that deserve recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.

  1. I am absolutely unable to hide my feelings. No matter if I’m sad or happy, angry, bored or amused, it’s all written in BIG LETTERS across my face.
  2. You will very soon find out where you stand with me. I am not rude enough to tell someone if I think they are shallow, but thanks to point #1…
  3. The glass is definitely half full. For me there’s something positive in everything.
  4. I like being generous and love making presents. Problem is, I can hardly hold back the present until the event and find myself handing out the parcels before Christmas…
  5. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that the worst experiences in life often bring out the best in you.
  6. What goes around comes around – I am not necessarily religious, but I believe in the greater justice of the universe.
  7. I am pretty tech-savvy and can be quite nerdy in general. I think mathematics is fun!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the nominations. I pass this award on to

Cartside at Mummy do that. I only recently had a glimpse on her colourful personality, and I am curious to find out more.

Elsie Button at Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes. She recently re-emerged after surviving the first few weeks with baby #2. Her writing is just beautiful.

A Confused Take That Fan. She’s been around a bit longer than me, but I only just discovered her and love her style.

Single Mother on the Verge. Another of my precious, new discoveries. I want to read more!

A Modern Mother. Founder of British Mummy Bloggers. Blogger herself. Running three sister blogs, London Mums, Thames Valley Mums and Expat Mums Blog. Busy like a bee. Keen to hear more from this lady.

Kate Morris at Writing and Moaning. She just had her novel, The Seven Year Itch, published and is currently on a diet of Pakistani mangoes. Although I hope that she’s done with this by now…

Sparx at Notes inside my head. I think she didn’t write a single post that didn’t make me laugh.


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