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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol.7. Or: I’m losing it

noisella and blondie

Meet my new best friends: Noisella & Blondie

Another week, another visitor, another BBQ. My beloved brother stayed with us over the weekend. Of course, being the doted hostess, I scrapped my diet plans and feasted along. To be honest, I am not on a diet anyway.

Yes, I watch what I am eating. But I am not uber-fussy: if there’s no salad available, I am happy to take the burger. Neither am I overly determined when it comes to exercise. Yoga and swimming are more of a necessity, if I still want to be able to move my back tomorrow. I am not too sure that I would keep up with it otherwise.

The weight just drops off by itself, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am about it. (Clapping my hands and dancing the dance of gratefulness, rendering homage to the Gods of shrinkage.)

Now for the weigh-in:

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last week: 131 pounds

This week: 130 pounds

Pounds lost: 1

How many pounds left to lose: 5

More about Gods and Goddesses here.


  1. wow only 5 pounds to go – you have done unbelievably well to do it so quickly. i have put on since giving birth

  2. Well done you for keeping it ‘real’ and doing it the right way.
    You’re a bloomin inspiration to us all.
    My problem was, when my bust grew to nurture my two lovely babies they decided to stick around and didn’t leave when my babies stopped being babies! Grrr

  3. Congratulations!! I’m taking a break from the ‘dieting’ as well, too many weddings, events and birthdays within 2 weeks to even pretend that’s I’m dieting!

    Way to go on your weight loss!

  4. ooooh, jealous!!

    um, I mean well done 😉

    I’d say I’m struggling with the mummy tummy, but that’s not really true as I haven’t really started battling it yet.

    must. fix. that. 😛

    you’re my new inspiration 🙂

  5. oh you don’t know how jealous I am!
    did you notice I didn’t post a weigh in this week? I wonder why that is…
    Well done, keep the BBQ up!

  6. @MFC: (written like that you sound like a football club, haha) I popped round at yours. Quite funny blog you have there; need to leave uplifting comments and tell you lot off! 😉

    @Tara: That’s my fear. What if they don’t go away? Or what if they do, they will look like empty… Oh no, let’s not go there…

    @Margarita: A girl gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, hehe. I wonder how you will stick to your diet anywaym with this yummy new career of yours.

    @Leslieanne: Your baby is only 11 weeks old, right? And you do squeeze into your jeans again, right? So no need to be jealous then, my jeans still don’t fit.

    @Home Mum: Hahaha. Is this the proof that you are sleeping through, too?

    @Cartside: I was lurking around at yours and couldn’t find one. Let me guess, you don’t want to discourage the fellow fatties and are celebrating in silence? With a BBQ by any chance?

  7. You’re doing really well! I haven’t been for a run at all this week. Oops. Now I’m feeling slightly guilty. I’m presuming my determination will return at some point – maybe next week?!

  8. Well done honey – crikey only 5lbs to go. You can do that in a week (if you happen to have a horrible bout of sickness and diarrhea as I did)!!! Keep up the good work xxx

  9. @Rachel: Running is so the least thing that I would want to do now. Every other week still looks like a major achievement to me.

    @Maternal Tales: Emily!!!!! You managed to sneak poo onto my blog. You are an addict. I am sending you to PSAA (poo story addicts anonymous).

  10. erm would you mind sending the gods of shrinkage this way!! Well done and congrats on the gurgle top 20 !! 🙂
    By the way, did you want to enter the competition at my place? I wasn’t sure if your comment meant you were…

  11. I think this is the way it is supposed to work! Congratulations on only 5 to go…

    I recommend the shoes! they really assist my back and I get great relief, I even stood at the sink preparing the strawberries for the freezer and dehydrator in those shoes with no small of the back pain.

  12. Congrats! I like the picture of nutella and bread — with a large cup of coffee with milk. That’s my downfall!

  13. I desperately need to stop eating. Am thinking seriously about blogging about it and hoping someone might give me some encouragement!

    CJ xx

  14. @Happy Mum: I sent them over. They said they are going to take care of you if you honor them with the Vanessa moves…

    @Patricia: Just when I decided to get the fitflops, it started raining in London again and summer has apparently decided to turn its back on us. I will have to rethink my shoe-choice.

    @A Modern Mother: I grew up with Nutella – and I am still growing with it 😉

    @CJ: Oh no, don’t stop eating. You know that wouldn’t be sensible. And it would be just so depressing. Apart from that and as far as I can tell from your picture – you look great!

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