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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. 8. Or: The swine flu diet and exercise plan

Don’t worry. It hasn’t hit us. I am just trying to come up with a sensible plan to keep it as far away from us as possible. And if that means I am going to sit on my 5 extra pounds for a little longer, so it shall be.

I have tried to ignore the media frenzy around the topic as much and as long as possible, vowing to myself only to take it seriously when more cases arise and ignoring it any longer would make me look and feel like a, well, ignorant dumbass.

Just in case you have managed to ignore the topic as successfully as I did, the papers are full of rather shocking estimations of numbers of victims and casualties. And by now I already ‘know’ one family that was haunted by the piggish disease, and another one that had a serious swine flu scare.

Hence, apart from encouraging every visitor politely but firmly to wash their hands, using the Carex hand gel when out and about and refusing the nice, old lady from next door a cuddle with my 3-months-old, what else can be done?

In terms of risk minimization, I decided to expose little L to as little opportunities to catch the flu as possible. She is not yet in a nursery, but I used to leave her in the gym’s crèche for about an hour twice a week. It’s the nicest crèche you can imagine, all freshly smelling with happy children and lovely carers. But do I know if other parents leave their kids at home when they show signs of a cold? How would you tell the difference between the average runny nose and the early signs of a truly nasty flu? The risk is just too big to be taken, and so there goes my gym regime.

(The yoga had to go too, as this is now little L’s new naptime. Bummer.)

Not being a fan of swallowing pills, for the sake of my immune system I am now taking supplements. For sure I don’t want to be the one passing anything on to my daughter; becoming sick myself might be the biggest threat for her. Thinking of what I pass on via breastfeeding, I feel the urge to reconsider my diet.

It’s been a while since I counted five a day. Not being able to let go of my chocolate and my pain au chocolat for breakfast, I will have to eat fruit, seeds and veggies on top of everything else. More fish instead of pasta and potatoes could help as well to boost the immune system. If that means I will be getting stuck to where I am weight-wise, or even put a few pounds back on, I am absolutely fine with it. I will use the extra flesh on my bottom to sit it out.

And now, if you’d excuse me please, I am off to my last remaining source of exercise: pushing the pram around and around and around the block.

This week’s weigh-in:

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last week: 130 pounds

This week: 130 pounds

Pounds lost: 0

How many pounds left to lose: 5

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  1. You’re right: you’ve got to look after yourself and Little L – even if it does mean the slimming regime gets put on hold. Hope Little L gets to sleep soon! (I’m guessing that’s why you’re going round and round and round)

  2. Oh you are being a good mum! And I am sure you still look gorgeous hon. I had 5 to lose before Sophie, then sthe same 5 to lose before Miles )yes before) and now I am preggers again and I am sure will have the same 5 to lose when I am done breastfeeding this new one. Then I will have to refocus on the gym and such! Good luck replacing pasta with fish. I just could not do it!

  3. I just found out this morning that one of my friends kids in England has got it and my cousins 2 kids creche has been closed because of it.

    I have a cunning plan though to catch it next week while I’m over there and then I’ll have to stay put and there will be nothing anyone can do! I shall be forced to remain in England 🙂

    Ok, may be not the best idea I’ve ever had, but it sure would defeat Batman ha ha xx

  4. I heard the other day that its better to get it in the summer if you are going to get it than in the winter. I have to admit im resigned to the inevitable. But I cant blame you for keeping little L away. Isn’t it annoying when all these strangers want to touch them? I really dont like it and can be quite rude.
    From experience teh one to avoid like the absolute plague is the winter vomiting bug (norovirus). OMG that was like hell on earth. Picture my hubby in the bath with toddler boy puking up grapes everywhere. I havent taken him to the soft play where I think he got it since…

  5. @Rachel: Without wanting to show off (but grinning from one ear to the other): little L is sleeping through. From 7PM to 7AM. I just posted this post later than I thought…

    @Mommy Words: I only now realised that you have 2 children so close to each other in age and the 3rd on the way… People like you always make me feel so whimpishly. How do you manage???

    @Yummy Mammy: I would pass it on to you, if this would be of any help 😉 Honestly, I hope you stay healthy, you will need all your energy to kick those batballs!

    @Zooarchaeologist: Bleurgh. In the true sense of the word. I can graphicly imagine the scene. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to deal with either of them.

  6. You are doing the right thing…avoid the cuddle giving neighbor at all costs. 🙂

  7. Good work and good work out – I think parenting is always the give and take of choices.
    I have very little immune system myself so work on supplements too as I prepare to walk all over the UK

    I am going to hope for the joy of adventure to keep me healthy on the plane trip..I am not worried otherwise…but little babes well precaution is good.

  8. I think you’re very wise.

    I’ve stopped my boys from drinking at public water fountains and have nagged them to death about washing their hands regularly.

    Now I carry hand sanitizer as well. Every bit helps, I’m sure.

  9. My mother keeps phoning to give me the latest swine flu stats. I am coming over in August armed with wipes and whatever for the flight. It’s the 8 hour flight that’s giving me the most concern. Other than that there’s only so much you can do. I have visions of not being allowed back into the US.

  10. Well we’re all recovered – thankfully and I have no idea whether it was or it wasn’t…but then I think no one’s going to know anymore because they’re not even testing! But you’re doing all the right stuff anyway – and what’s 5lbs anyway?? It took me a hell of a lot longer to shift all my weight!! xxxxx

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