That’s why I am not on Facebook


Better be careful, guys!


  1. LOL! I am on Facebook and I do have my boss on there. Good job I get on with her.

    I always think twice about my status update.

  2. I was once told never to write anything down that you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to hear. I think that’s good advice.

  3. Reason 612 to why you should never ever ever write something down in a public forum that would be better off in your diary!

  4. Have to laugh. I slag off my neighbours on facebook all the time. Although I mostly do it with another neighbour who is a friend on there too LOL

  5. Yep facebook gets you into all kinds of crap – what an idiot she was though, as margarita says “who “forgets|” their boss is a friend on FB? Thanks for making me smile πŸ™‚

  6. Brilliant stuff! So so funny πŸ™‚ I also always try to think twice about status update, even if I don’t have a boss.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA. Morons abound.

    My rule of thumb: NO ONE from my office is a FB friend. And I dont even write about work on there!

  8. Anyone who makes friends with a boss they don’t like on facebook is a fool. Fact.

  9. I think I have read it 100 times today. And still find it funny, haha. Glad to have made you laugh! xx MM

  10. Ahahaha! Just showed this to H and he thought it was hysterical too. I ended up with a couple of work colleagues as friends on FB when I was on mat leave so I’m careful.

  11. Oh I love this – what a silly girl. And yeah – my mom said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. While this is hard to do – it should not be that hard not to say something so awful about somebody on FB!

  12. Oh yes… that is why it’s a bad idea all round. Plus the competitive loading of photos and need to show what an amazing life you have all the time…

  13. Ha, ha! I’ve had my foot in my mouth a couple of times on fb but not this bad!

  14. Well, I’ve just had a similar experience (not as bad, not as life-changing) with my blog, so all I can say is ‘you can’t be too careful in cyberspace’. Oh, and don’t mention this on my blog…

  15. that is hilarious – i cannot stop reading it out! and is exactly the reason why i am also not on facebook! off to catch up with rest of your blog now… hope all is well x

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