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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. 11. Or: The missing ingredient

Photo014To encourage further shrinkage, I have recently replaced my beloved Pain au Chocolat with muesli for breakfast. So when I absent-mindedly read the text on the muesli box this morning, the scales fell from my eyes. (!) My diet was missing an essential ingredient. And these folks even have the nerves to boast about not having it in their product. At all.

During all my dieting efforts, I completely forgot a crucial lesson, once taught by the ever so knowledgeable Marjorie Dawes. Of all foods, the one with the lowest fat and calorie content is: dust. Dust, dust, dust, ladies and gentlemen. I am going to change my diet completely, as of tomorrow.

Now for the weigh-in.

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last week: 129 pounds

This week: 128 pounds

Pounds lost: 1

How many pounds left to lose: 3

Meet dusties anonymous here.


  1. Don’t ditch the croissant! I always eat more of a morning if I replace my almond one.

    Sad but true!

    But then I like to eat white…

  2. oh, that muesli doesn’t have dust? I like the dust best. I think it’s made out of sugar that must be why.

  3. Dust might be my favorite part…but then I am working on Dr. Fuhrman’s book EAT to LIVE right now…he does not include dust…

    The MBT shoes are still my greatest fat fighter and shaper.

    I had a full English Breakfast everyday on my tour….I just ate the eggs by the 3 day – it was overwhelming.
    The IBIS only serves dust for the free breakfast – I think the dust was originally chocolate rice krispies

  4. Dust? Dust? Oh how marketeers think up some lovely ways to differentiate their products. By coincidence, I bought some muesli today called ‘Food Doctor’. In the morning I will try and remember to check for dust.

  5. @Insomniac Mum: And do you miss the dust, sometimes?

    @Surprisemum: I have to try the white diet, too. How does it work? Toast, butter and white chocolate spread?

    @Tara: Caaaaake sounds like an excellent idea. I am jealous on your personal trainer. Although I would rather opt for one of the fit gym buddies instead of the electronical ones.

    @Margarita: Guess what I am drinking right now. It’s all your fault πŸ˜‰

    @Cartside: Yay, ground sugar. And you don’t even have to chew anymore.

    @Happy Mum: And I can’t wait till it’s Friday again! πŸ™‚

    @Rose: I will have to change my breakfast again. In the long run noone should have to live without dust.

    @Patricia: Hahaha. Did they put up a little dust sign at the breakfast buffet?

    @Absolutely Write: Food Doctor? That sounds serious. I am awaiting your report.

  6. 3 lbs??? Only 3lbs??? OMG. You can lose that with colonnic irrigation sweetie – off you go and get it done and you can thanks me later! Well done darling – you’ve done amazingly. I am stupidly proud of you. Love the new photo btw xx

  7. lol! My gosh you’re hilarious! Well, good luck with the diet plan, you’re doing much better than I am. Although, I realized that walking everyday makes a big difference. I think I have lost .20 lbs just from walking hahaha!

  8. @MT: Eeek, Emily! So you are still not over your poo obsession πŸ˜‰

    @JennyMac: Thanks *blushing*.

    @Catherine: You have to try the dust. Now, honestly! πŸ˜€

  9. Great job on the weight loss. I ate a bunch of ice cream since I am preggers. Man the get sexy back program post this baby is NOT going to be fun. Belly pics coming next week!

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