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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. 9. Or: Ignorance is bliss

st martin ice cream parlourThe ice cream parlour in St. Martin de Ré. I heard they are deliriously good. Of course, I had to try a flavour. Or maybe two…

I know, today is not Wednesday, but as I am going to embark on a real diet today (as opposed to just think about a real diet in horror), I am posting these pictures to have something nice to look at during the next weeks to come. Let’s hope I don’t lick the screen in desperation…

Two weeks on Île de Ré, and not only did I gain a tan, but also a few extra inches around the waist. My trousers appear to hug my hips in a tight embrace. The two stick together like first time lovesick teenagers. Let’s hope this summer romance isn’t more than a short-lived fling. You ask how this could happen? An analysis of photo material should bring light into this sombre affair.

It all started with…

Photo026my birthday and…

Photo027a bite of cake…

Photo028But that was only the beginning of my calorific disaster…

waffleWaffle? What waffle? Quoi? In my hand? Ermm… I am just trying to shield away the blasting sunlight from little L’s head. I know. I am a doting mum.

ice creamNonono. I am only holding the ice cream cone for big M. Seriously. I don’t even like ice cream. And no, my nickname is not Strawberry Cheesecake for a reason.

popcornAll the popcorn gone? Popcorn sales guy ran off as threatened to be popped himself if not able to deliver? I had nothing to do with it!

Now for the weigh-in:

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last weigh-in: 130 pounds

This week: I ‘ave absolutely no clue, zere are no scales in zee appartement. And yes, ignorance IS bliss!

Pounds lost: Je ne sais pas. But it feels like +3

How many pounds left to lose: 5? 8? One zillion?

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  1. I love holidays. Bring on the ice creams and throw away the scales.

    PS – my parents were on holiday in Ile du re last week too. If you saw a very British looking man trying to play petanque that was undoubtedbly my father! Mum would have been behind you in the ice cream queue. x

  2. you certainly do wave a waffle with film star style. You don’t look as though you need to worry about your weight and anyway diets need to be kept away from holidays.

  3. Holidays, especially in France, are meant for putting on some extra poundage – what a way to go! And I shall be always using a waffle as a sun shade from now on! x

  4. @BiB: I actually might have seen them – I actually bumped into Peggy (Perfectly Happy Mum). It’s a small world!

    @Zooarchaeologist: Repetition, repetition, repetition. A whole life of waffle lifting, waffle waving, waffling around with a waffle on your head (don’t drop it!), years of waffle school…

    @Lulu: Absolutely agree on diet & holidays. They just don’t go together. Lucky me that I am going on a trip to NY in 2 weeks. Will try my waffle style stateside then…

    @ThatGirl39: Crispy white baguette with fresh butter au fleur de sel – there would be no blood in my veins if I could resist!

  5. I too have gained weight over the past two weeks, obtaining the super hard to shift muffin top 🙁
    so am with you on the healthy food & lots of exercise…
    Though with loola now crawling like a champ & getting into everything, I truly am running around after her!

  6. If you can’t have fun on holiday, where can you?? I gave up on my goals for a month, this week I’m restarting it all 😉

  7. That waffle looks awesome! Huge!

    Plenty of time to diet when you get home, there’s no way you can avoid all that wonderful French food.

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