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Ready for solids?


Little L will turn six months next Thursday. Time to start weaning your baby – as recommended by The Department of Health. However, we started to wean her at about 20 weeks. In contrary to my insecurities regarding how to breastfeed my baby, I made this decision based on a little research, a lot of gut feeling and closely watching my baby. In the end it was her who gave me all the clues that breast (only) is no longer best:

  • Sitting upright unaided or with little help only? checked
  • Interest in food on your plate or in your hand? checked (especially when it comes to Starbucks coffee cups)
  • Over four months old? checked
  • Decreasing interest in being breastfed? checked (does pinching your nipple instead of sucking it count? what about biting?)
  • Waking during the night after a longer period of slept-through nights? checked (this is the clue I could have done without)
  • Chewing (e.g. trying to chew their hands)? checked (hands, feet, playpen…)

As of today, she’s not a vegetarian anymore. For the first time, chicken passed those lovely lips. I don’t hope she’ll hold that against me, once she is a teenager. It’s all for the best, my darling.

How about you? When did you start weaning your babies? Any preferred food? Preferred brands? Do you prepare the meals yourself or do you rely on Hipp et al?


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