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Rule, Britannia! Or: There’s no place like home.

An English rose in all its beauty
An English rose in all its beauty

My feet are once again walking on British soil. I am still feeling a bit seasick from the jet leg, and little L not wanting to settle back in doesn’t help. On top of it, I brought home a nasty could, thanks to the Americans’ OTT love for air conditioning. Yes, it’s hot out there, but do you have to cool down every room to minus 10 degrees Celsius?

The trip to New York was fabulous; I just love the hot wind that caresses your bare legs even when the sun is not out. A rarity of a feeling when you are used to English summers. Even though the shopping experience wasn’t quite what it used to be pre baby. Spending hours in changing rooms wasn’t on the agenda of keeping little L happy, so my souvenirs from New York come down to a pair of golden Birkenstocks (sensible with a hint of glam), Marc Jacobs sunglasses (a nice pair of shades makes even the frumpiest of outfits bearable) and an enormous suitcase (mine literally burst when stuffing in outfits for me and little L – I needed to upgrade to mummy-size).

After a few days of virtuous protecting baby-from-boiling-sun- respective icy-air-conditioning-turbines-manoeuvres, we headed to the beautiful landscapes of New England, its outstretched beaches, glistering lakes and impressive private mansions.

Ah, what a relief! What a breathe of fresh air!

Big M’s brother got married to a lovely lady from Conneticut, whose parents happen to own one of the most gorgeous and tastefully arranged mansions I have ever seen. I am not going to attempt a description of the wedding, as my words wouldn’t do its beauty justice. Think lavender, vintage lace, dusky pink and heavy scented roses in the most stunning New English setting you can imagine, and you get the picture.

Nevertheless, I am ridiculously happy to be home again. There was a time where I was always searching for this place called home, restless, quickly tired of places. Where going on holiday always held the potential of not coming back, or at least of developing the strong urge to move.

I do not have the urge to live in another country, another city anymore. Finally, I have arrived. The more I leave England for shorter or longer trips, the more I realise how much I love this place.


  1. Traveling with kids gosh, such hard work. But it will get better with time.
    I just came back from Brazil where I flew there on my own with the two girls (four and three). You know what saved the journey? Those Trunki suitcases, where the kds can sit on.
    Life saver.
    Ju 🙂

  2. Exactly! That’s exactly what I say all the time, I am finally at home to and it is the best feeling in the world.

    The mansion by the sea seems quite cool though. 🙂
    Glad you are back x

  3. Aww, it’s so sweet you’ve found a place called home. I feel like you used to, everytime I travel I want to move there – Amsterdam, Paris, Mexico – I could picture myself living there, I dream up our lives there, what we could do, where we would live… I’m hoping I eventually find that home feeling as well 😉

  4. Wow.. the trip sounds amazing.. especially the wedding in New England.. how lovely! Am impressed with your purchases, especially the Marc Jacobs sunglasses. A touch of instant glam for every outfit. Just hope England can provide you with a bit of late summer sun so you get to wear them. If not, just put them on when you get up after a bad nights sleep – tres chic! Glad you think of England as home – we’re happy to have you! x

  5. I totally agree, no place like home! and kiddies are always so pleased to get back home too. I keep saying it but you are a braver lady than i am! we are not venturing further than a little welsh seaside town this year! x

  6. That’s great that you had such a good time and are happy to be back. My pleasure at being back still suffers from huge dips

  7. @Ju: I want one of those for little L when she’s big enough, they are great!

    @Kat: Thanks 🙂

    @Mwa: If I had known I would have said no to the trip. I guess one never stops to learn.

    @PHM: To hear these words from a Frenchie, very reassuring! Don’t tell your folks though 😉

    @Margarita: I’d be surprised if you don’t like it here. You might never want to leave again.

    @Erin: It took me a while, but the journey was worth it.

    @ThatGirl39: *blush* See, that’s why I like it here, because people like you are so welcoming and positive and cool…

    @Elsie: I have never ever been to Wales. And my trips are all kind of the result of a coincidence: a wedding to attend, a very old grandma to visit, friends scattered across the globe. Ad to that my complete naivity re travelling with a baby, and voila: here is my travel schedule.

    @Lulu: But you are off again, soon. Sunny Spain, the ants, the weather. Do you miss the French countryside?

  8. @CJ: It’s almost gone. I passed it on to my husband. Sharing is caring, they say 😉

  9. The East and South of the USA really do love AC – I found that true when I lived on that side of things.

    I am writing today about the beauty I found in UK and the beauty that I rediscovered in my State after my trip to the UK.

    Welcome home.
    My 30 year old baby went with me and her photographs are just spectacular as I assume the wedding was too –
    East Coast and well to do weddings are quite the show these days!
    The first night in my own bed was so amazing!

  10. @Patricia: I remember the first night in my own bed when returning from NY, too. Pure bliss! Good to read that you rediscovered beauty at home. It’s such a nice feeling to be content with what we have/where we are.

  11. what a lovely post. You have articulate what I often feel- the more I go away the more I know where I belong- I love to travel but I love coming home too- because it’s just wonderful.

  12. @Rose: Home sweet home. I am even looking forward to Autumn and those long evenings in front of the fireplace.

  13. oh poop my verification failed. I can’t even pick a big box!! Anyway, I said shopping stuff sound fab, wedding sounds even more fab. Funny how having kids makes you want to lay roots? I always wanted to live abroad, now I am happy to stay here and love coming home. I’d just love a super dooper house. YOurs looks amazing x

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