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Sick days, lazy days, happy days

Photo041Little L is having her first ever cold. And ever so generous, she passed it on to me. Not without mummy pride I realised that we managed to get pretty far without the slightest sign of a sniff. Can you believe that she’s five and a half months already?

Last year at this time, we were about to move into our house. My bump only just started to show, and having a baby was an idea that Big M and I slowly came to terms with. Of course, we had no idea how exactly it was going to be and the reality hit us hard, but we were trying to paint the picture as precise as possible.

And now, there she is. Going ‘mamama’ and ‘mmmmhmmm’ when I feed her baby rice. Munching away on soft pretzels (she’s very Bavarian in that sense), rolling over and over, digging her two little teeth into everything that’s not quickly enough out of reach.

She is a very private person. Smiling and laughter are something we only share at home. She’s damn serious in public – suspiciously eyeing up every stranger that comes close, with frowned brows. If she goes on like that, she’ll be deep wrinkled at the age of five.

The combination of her being sick and being able to roll over symbolised the end of my slept-through nights. She either needs a drink or freeing out of a head-down-cramped-into-corner situation. So we are back to shared naptimes during the day.

Less time to blog and less time for me in general. But still, I don’t want to complain. Looking back at the past five months made me realise that time flies awfully fast. And I am determined to enjoy every minute I have with my lovely baby girl.


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