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Wednesday Weigh-In Vol. 12. Or: As boring as watching paint dry

Why can't I stop thinking of pumpkin pie?

Why can't I stop thinking of pumpkin pie?

Having renovated a house recently, I can honestly say that watching paint dry is more exciting than attempting to diet. The last diet (remember Fat Smash: peas and lentils and lentils and peas) was ditched after four days. Four days! Instead we went to New York and tucked into pancakes (sky-high pancake piles soaked in maple syrup, accompanied by fried eggs and bacon), pizza and gigantic chocolate chip cookies. Only to be followed by the New England diet, i.e. lobsters and melted butter, corn on the cob and pumpkin pie. I know this is going to surprise you, but I STILL haven’t lost those last three pounds.

And I might as well keep them until next year. Winter is round the corner and we all need a thicker skin to hide under, right? Yes, little L is sleeping through and so am I, but as long as I am travelling more than a gypsy, I will not be able to establish a sensible diet. Let alone an exercise regime.

Next week, we will hit the road again. Grandma, the girls and my bigger brother are already awaiting us. As well as 1,400 miles on dark grey asphalt.

As soon as I am back, I will get moving again. Regaining control over my wobbly bits it by far more important than losing them. Plus, I think I am looking fine. I could look even better with a few pounds less, but at the moment I am not willing to pay the price.

So here it goes, my last Wednesday Weigh-In for the time being.

Starting weight: 136 pounds

Goal weight: 125 pounds

Last weigh-in: 128 pounds

This week: 128 pounds

Pounds lost: 0

How many pounds left to lose: 3

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  1. I say forget the last 3! After all… you don’t need to worry about it…. from your pics you look amazing and anyhoo… before we know it it’ll be Christmas!

  2. You have done amazingly to shift so much weight whilst caring for and breast-feeding your wee babe. 3 pounds will only really notice to you and, I bet you, will gradually melt away over the next few months. Ok so maybe the maple syrup pancakes won’t help too much but so long as that’s not your staple diet, you’ll be fine!

    I always find winter a terrible time to diet – the first whisper of chill winds makes me crave jacket potatoes and melting cheese. Must be a genetic survival instinct. And who am I to fight it??

  3. @ThatGirl39: Oh, Christmas, I am so looking forward, cause I am not pregnant this year, hurray! Champagne, here I come.

    @Turf Dad: Yes, and then I go to Rio, shalala 🙂

    @MammaPo: To me that sounds like a nutritionist’s order. The only problem I have with jacket potatos is that I get so greedy about them once they FINALLY come out of the oven, I always manage to burn my gums.

    @A Modern Mother: Always, but not quite yet. I decided to be all zen about it. Let go…

    @Mwa: Let’s see if I can maintain this over Christmas.

    @PHM: I love you. I really do 🙂

  4. Three pounds is NOTHING!!! Don’t bother! Good, glad we’ve got that sorted. Loving the idea of the lobsters and indeed the push-in tea towel holders – have decided to get some for my mother in law for Christmas. Will try to keep a straight face as she unwraps her *!!! Adding you to my blogroll, btw – thank you for making me laugh this evening x

  5. @MT: Another reason to celebrate. I am always happy to have an excuse to pop open a bottle. Not that I would need an excuse.

    @Cassandra: It was my pleasure completely. I shall be very giving this Christmas and even send a present to my ex-MIL. She deserves it.

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