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A sudden love for gardening. Am I getting old?


It’s official now. The leaves are falling, temperatures barely climb over the 20°C mark and scarves, gloves and hats are back on the menu. It’s autumn! One thing that really cheered me up recently is… gardening. Maybe it’s because I am a mum now, that I find these things appealing. The whole philosophy of the circle of life, the old making space for the new, the deep connection between life and death. Or maybe I am just getting old.

Whatever the reason for my sudden love for digging in the dirt (with my glamorous pale pink Laura Ashley gardening gloves and V&A collection trowel, I hastily add), yesterday saw me putting on my tracksuit bottoms (this was one of the rare occasions you’d see me doing this) and the shoes-that-have-seen-better-days (see, Mrs Fab, I just can’t throw them out like that). I pruned the hydrangeas, plugged the weeds and raked the leaves.

Gardening also helps against cabin-fever-and-the-cranky-baby-syndrome: just wrap her up in a cosy blanket and let her watch mummy getting stuck in the dirt in funny attire. Whinging stops immediately.


The only problem I have with gardening: I know little to nothing about it. Any good blogs you’d recommend?


  1. That’s so funny.
    My mum is a big gardener and very very good at it (she has The Eye) and as a child I hated it with a passion.
    Now I have a home and a family I’m regularly at garden centre’s buying cottage garden plants and ferns and what not and she thinks it’s hilarious!

  2. No advice can be given by the one otherwise known as the one who can even kill a cactus (OK now I know they shouldn’t be watered excessively).
    I had a phase with summer approaching and went to get the pretty gloves and all the attire. The gloves are almost as clean as out of the box and Elliott wore them more often than me… By July I was bored…

  3. I love gardening and have had my own garden maintenance business in the past. I’ve not done much recently being heavily pregnant, just tidying the garden at the moment and planting bulbs. I hope to pick it up again next spring. A very cute pic of your little one, wait until she’s moving around and wanting to ‘help’! I give mine a patch of soil to dig and they love it. I’ve not found many gardening blogs yet, but here’s a lovely one http://www.carrotsandkids.com/

  4. I sometimes love gardening, too – it’s cheaper than therapy or a yoga class. However, I know nothing about it and just do what I want. Sometimes it works out, sometimes I kill stuff. Whatever.

  5. I love gardening even though I dont seem to achieve any more than trimming hedges when I get out into the garden. I could be out for hours and not notice the time. Great for weight loss as I forget to eat! I also just feel better having been out in the fresh air and entwining my hands with nature. What a great idea for baby entertainment!!

  6. I tried gardening two years ago. I failed dismally. But my hat goes off to all those who do it! Good luck!

  7. The garden is Mr C’s territory – however his father remarks every time we go round “he never did the garden when he lived here”. I think it has something to do with it being our house.

    The baby looks so snug, lovely!

  8. I’ve discovered gardening this last year – its incredibly therapeutic and Toddlergirl loves coming outside to help (word of advice, get a waterproof all in one – makes the crawling phase much easier!)

  9. I’ve been feeling an itch to start gardening too. You’re right – it must be a “new stage of life” thing. I’ve found myself researching ways to prep soil in the fall to make your job easier in the spring.

    It must be something in the air (or maybe the soil 😉

  10. I don’t know any gardening blogs but I did have a longing to garden when I went to Colombia Road on Sunday- I don’t think it’s for the old at all- I think gardening could be quite sexy given a Nigella style outlook.

    Doesn’t little L look content to watch you work!

  11. Joanne says

    Sorry MM, no good blogs for you but a hearty slap on the back and good on yer for all that hard work. You’ll be pickling things next! 😉

  12. Gardening is cool. Like baking. Embrace it. Little L looks very content to watch you hard at work!

  13. Dear gardening fans and plant killers,
    Thanks for all your lovely comments and the blog recommendations. Funny to see how many of you experienced the same re their former loathing for gardening turning into a therapeutic obsession.
    Rose, Nigella is indeed sexy. And ‘sexy’ is what sent your comment into spam 🙂

  14. I realised I’d turned into my Mum last year when I found myself gleefully shovelling horse manure and getting excited about compost…

    Ask for an RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) book for Christmas to give you inspiration! I have one that says what to do when which is great.

  15. I agree. I find gardening both theraputic and easy to do with children. I am also improving. Initially most plants would last weeks, now I have some that have lasted years! Hooray! Enjoy Autumn. I love having seasons. x

  16. I’m not into gardening, I hate dirt and bugs, but good on you! I’ve discovered a love of baking, not sure how, or why, perhaps we’re both getting old?

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