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A sudden love for gardening. Am I getting old?


It’s official now. The leaves are falling, temperatures barely climb over the 20°C mark and scarves, gloves and hats are back on the menu. It’s autumn! One thing that really cheered me up recently is… gardening. Maybe it’s because I am a mum now, that I find these things appealing. The whole philosophy of the circle of life, the old making space for the new, the deep connection between life and death. Or maybe I am just getting old.

Whatever the reason for my sudden love for digging in the dirt (with my glamorous pale pink Laura Ashley gardening gloves and V&A collection trowel, I hastily add), yesterday saw me putting on my tracksuit bottoms (this was one of the rare occasions you’d see me doing this) and the shoes-that-have-seen-better-days (see, Mrs Fab, I just can’t throw them out like that). I pruned the hydrangeas, plugged the weeds and raked the leaves.

Gardening also helps against cabin-fever-and-the-cranky-baby-syndrome: just wrap her up in a cosy blanket and let her watch mummy getting stuck in the dirt in funny attire. Whinging stops immediately.


The only problem I have with gardening: I know little to nothing about it. Any good blogs you’d recommend?