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I am a crap housewife

Photo011Since becoming a mother, my days have been filled with much more housewife stuff than they used to be. In my childless, naïve and slightly illusive mind, I had envisioned channelling all my energy into looking after the baby, the husband and our home, once I had left that high-profile but mundane city job behind me. Our spotlessly clean house would smell of freshly baked bread, baby food would be cooked by myself and every night there would be a healthy and delicious dinner awaiting Big M when he’d come home. HAHA.

I am further away from becoming a domestic goddess than Nigella Lawson from becoming the new Jane Fonda. Our diet consists of bread, pizza, cupcakes and Vietnamese take-outs. It’s gross in a way, but also fascinating that this is happening to me. Me, who knows nearly everything about healthy eating. Me, who was kind of a health-freak pre-baby, packing my own lunches and refusing to eat the overly salted and fatty stuff in the canteen.

The same me is finding herself standing in the supermarket, gawping at the funnily shaped and coloured vegetables, having absolutely no clue what to do with them.  Maybe the healthy-eating information had to be removed from the hard disk to make space for baby caring and entertaining? My housewife capacity seems to have been used up by the tasks that evolve around looking after little L. I am feeling like my own MacBook – when you run to many programmes at the same time, it all gets very slow. And some files don’t open anymore at all.

Only thanks to Hipp, my baby will not be malnourished. I owe these guys a lot.

In the evenings, when little L is bathed, fed and tucked up in her cot, I collapse. Dinner? I am happy with a glass of wine and some peanuts. For the first time in my life, I don’t care what I put into my mouth.

On some days I manage to do two loads of washing and even put them into and (!) take them out of the dryer before they start to smell funnily. In a way those days make me feel like having achieved a lot. So much infact that we are having pizza for dinner again.


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