Nonsense, yummy daddies

It’s daddy’s turn

Being a mum is a dirty business: Runny poos, stinky poos, small poos, big poos. We’ve seen it all, smelt it all and got over and done with it. So why is it, that our so called strong men make such a fuzz about it?

Pah! Douchebags!


  1. That is hilarious! Every time the guy put the diaper on his mouth, I got worried about what would be left on his face! EWWWWW!

  2. Pffft. I changed 4 poo’s before 9am on Sunday. Two of them were bad enough they needed immediate reallocation to the outside bin too 🙂

  3. Argh… cant get this pic to load! But Im gathering what its about! Will try again later.. loved your guest post at Yammy Mammys BTW! x

  4. I’d like to add I’m not trying to show off my domestic prowess, (goodness knows if I did wifey would soon put me right) but I feel the need to counterbalance a small modicum of the oestrogen hereabouts 😉

  5. I have to admit that hubby was far better when it came to poo. If I got any on my hands it would make me almost hurl, yet I can mop up vomit with the best of ’em while he runs in the other direction. I threw up during my first labour and the nurse had him hold the little vomit tray. Too funny!

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