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Mummy needs a break. Or: a day out in London

Photo030In the six months since little L’s birth, I have barely been separated from my precious baby girl. And since little L recently decided not to like the gym crèche anymore, my tiny bit of me-time was cut short significantly.

My mood dropped bit by bit, reaching an all time low when I dislocated a vertebra. Pain can make me incredibly grumpy. Sulking, I tried to remember when I last had a few hours all to myself. I am not talking about sleep-time, as (of course!) I am on duty at nights, too. I am talking proper me-time: handing over the responsibility to someone else, not having to pray for nap times being uninterrupted and lengthy, not having to carry around my ever growing baby with an aching back.

So when Big M suggested I could take Saturday off, and he’d look after little L, I said yes without hesitation. I scribbled down her meal- and nap times and off I went.

Photo032I started the day at one of my favourite London stores: Liberty. Navigating through the beauty department with my eyes half closed, I managed to arrive purchase-free in the fragrance room. I was lusting after a new scent for ages. Within half an hour, the helpful but slightly over-eager shop assistant managed to drench me in heavy scents. After a few ‘too heavy!’ exclamations from my side, we finally arrived at Comme des Garçons’ Series 5: cinnamon. Smelling like an establishment in Soho but feeling like having hit the jackpot, I continued my stroll around the famous store.

On the 2nd floor, I headed straight to the shoe boutique. As a passionate gardener (at least I plan on becoming one) and mum to a little girl that loves to catch some fresh air no matter how much rain is pouring down the London skies, I opted for a classic, practical and (so I hope) fashionable choice:


As I walked over to New Bond Street, the sun came out and the streets slowly started to fill with people. At the little flower stall, I took a left into Clifford Street to head to one of my favourite lunch time spots: Morris on Clifford Street. Surrounded by Regent Street, New Bond Street and Piccadilly, it is surprisingly calm for an Italian-style deli on a Saturday morning.


And Alida makes the best espresso in the whole area.


On my way down to Piccadilly I walked through Burlington Arcade and couldn’t resist to stop at Laduree and get a little box of Macaroons to bring home. These scrumptious little delights of deliciousness are my downfall. Fortunately, Big M loves them just as much, so there’s little chance for me to finish them all off by myself.

The sun was shining into the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts, inviting visitors to come inside.


For a second I thought it would be a great idea to add a little culture to my rather commercially motivated day off and see the Anish Kapoor exhibition. But I quickly changed my mind when I saw this:


I continued my walk along Piccadilly, making a left onto Regent Street and had another coffee at Starbucks. The window seat was available and looked way too inviting to just walk on by. Clutching my cappuccino cup, gazing at the hordes of people rushing by, I felt pleased with myself. I didn’t call home once. I knew they were doing great. Little L loves her daddy, squeaking with excitement whenever he appears in her sight.


On my way home, I had to ‘dash’ into the Apple Store on Regent Street. I was dreading a nightmare wait and queues longer than the ones at the Royal Academy of Arts. But surprisingly, it was pretty calm, and thanks to Apple concierge Diana, I had my beloved, blog-feeding MacBook back within a few minutes.

Photo041That’s what I call living up to your name.


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