Royal Mail strike – going nowhere pretty fast

Hoping it would all be over within a few days, I didn’t really mind to get my mail a few days later than expected. But with the strike going on and with no solution in sight, I am getting more and more annoyed by the whole scenario.

Adding to my frustration are:

  • A missing 4 GB memory card for my worn out laptop
  • Ear muffs for little L that arrived two weeks after we went to the nice but noisy Goodwood Revival
  • An invitation for the Brora sale (70% off!) that happened to have taken place 10 days ago
  • A never received photo album I sent on its way to my grandma two weeks ago
  • No Grazia magazine for four weeks and then five magazines at once
  • Thus missing the Central Perk pop up café by three weeks

I can imagine that the prospect of up to 60,000 jobs cut must be scaring the shit out of the postmen and women. And I am sure they couldn’t care less about my missed cashmere sale. They strike, because they want to save their jobs. Sadly, this strike will not help saving any jobs, but it will worsen the company’s already weak situation. People will resort to use electronic mail and other delivery services, wherever possible. And they won’t come back, once the strike is over.

Royal Mail is an inefficient, ill and bloated company that needs reforms to save what’s left. No matter how sorry I feel for the individual’s fait in this case, the world will keep on turning, and other companies will be welcoming frustrated customers with open arms. Because of its weak state, it will be hard for Royal Mail to maintain their universal 6-day delivery service, especially in rural areas. Once this service cannot be guaranteed anymore, there will be even less reasons to stick with Royal Mail.

The recovery of the British economy is a fragile one, and the potential for other businesses to be hurt by the failure of delivery services is immense. Especially with the Christmas business coming up.

I am questioning the sanity of the CWU leaders who advised their members to go on strike. Am I the only one who is sadly reminded of the UK miners’ strike?


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