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Slummy mummy and the well-dressed baby


In a recent comment-conversation, the lovely Rose said: ‘Oh I envy little L, I imagine she has a great wardrobe of clothes!’ I had to think about this, because a) yes, she does (thanks to her generous grandma, little L is sporting Ugg Boots, pink Ralph Lauren corduroys and a white Petit Bateau hooded jacket in the picture above) and b) I envy her myself, because she’s better dressed than me. Realising this kind of hurt, but it’s the truth and it’s time to face it: I am a slummy mummy.

Fortunately I am over the point where I left the house with a breastpad sticking to the bottom of my jeans. I worship you, oh dear god of slept-through nights! And I have the strict rule of ‘clothes with baby poo/sick are not allowed to leave the house’. But I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again. Not the nice ones, nah! Those I keep for… better weather? The end of the recession? The day when they are out of fashion? For example, take a look at this:


Now try to guess which shoes I am wearing the most. Difficult? Here’s a hint: They are blue, coffee stained and they have seen better days. I can’t even say that the others were impractical. I mean, we are talking about flats, nothing as exciting as if out of this collection:


I am (quite literally) not even going there. When I wiped down the dust they had accumulated during the past months, I accepted the fact that those are only for looking at. All I am asking for is a little more creativity, motivation and effort when it comes to dressing myself.

The reason why I dress little L in her best outfits, even when we’re only making a dash to the supermarket, is that she’s outgrowing everything so fast. It’s very unlikely for me to outgrow anything anytime soon (at least that’s what I hope), but I really don’t want to look like the scruffy au pair next to her.

Something’s gotta change.


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