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Slummy mummy and the well-dressed baby


In a recent comment-conversation, the lovely Rose said: ‘Oh I envy little L, I imagine she has a great wardrobe of clothes!’ I had to think about this, because a) yes, she does (thanks to her generous grandma, little L is sporting Ugg Boots, pink Ralph Lauren corduroys and a white Petit Bateau hooded jacket in the picture above) and b) I envy her myself, because she’s better dressed than me. Realising this kind of hurt, but it’s the truth and it’s time to face it: I am a slummy mummy.

Fortunately I am over the point where I left the house with a breastpad sticking to the bottom of my jeans. I worship you, oh dear god of slept-through nights! And I have the strict rule of ‘clothes with baby poo/sick are not allowed to leave the house’. But I find myself wearing the same clothes over and over again. Not the nice ones, nah! Those I keep for… better weather? The end of the recession? The day when they are out of fashion? For example, take a look at this:


Now try to guess which shoes I am wearing the most. Difficult? Here’s a hint: They are blue, coffee stained and they have seen better days. I can’t even say that the others were impractical. I mean, we are talking about flats, nothing as exciting as if out of this collection:


I am (quite literally) not even going there. When I wiped down the dust they had accumulated during the past months, I accepted the fact that those are only for looking at. All I am asking for is a little more creativity, motivation and effort when it comes to dressing myself.

The reason why I dress little L in her best outfits, even when we’re only making a dash to the supermarket, is that she’s outgrowing everything so fast. It’s very unlikely for me to outgrow anything anytime soon (at least that’s what I hope), but I really don’t want to look like the scruffy au pair next to her.

Something’s gotta change.


  1. Oh you sound just like me haha….I’m always saving outfits, just in case….and yes the babies are always beautifully dressed.

    I adore those little ugg boots, they are so cute. XX

  2. So funny. I read the title of your post on my sidebar and thought ‘that’s me, that’s me!’
    My daughter’s wardrobe is amazing. I have two grandparents who are shopaholics and I’m not far behind.
    She has more clothes than she can physically wear and yet every morning I’m there, jeans, top, Birkenstock sandals (I am NOT giving up the summer just yet)!

  3. Funny post! I was complaining that my daughter (10) always wore ripped jeans and hoodies then my husband said ‘she’s only copying you.’ I was outraged! But he was right. SO Ive been making an effort to dress like I used to in order to a) set a better example (!?) and b) look less like the slummy mummy I seem to be!

  4. I felt the same when my first baby daughter was 6 months old; then I went back to work (after a year off) in Soho of all places, and I got a reality check. I felt so out of place. How could have fashion changed so much in 1 year? It sounds silly and shallow but it made me feel a bit depressed, old and haggered. So, a trip with a younger friend to few high street stores and lots of advice helped me to get back into (my own) style that I thought I had lost it. I don’t buy expensive stuff, just few things that I know will make me feel better. And I live on my Converses (8 pairs).

  5. My sons are always fairly well dressed when we go out. And for some reason I have no problem spending money on clothes for them. When it comes to me, I don’t make a huge effort – usually just fling on the first thing I see. And I need a serious wardrobe overhaul. But now that the baby weight is coming off, I’m beginning to make more of an effort.

  6. Sigh…. know what you mean. As much as you know I’ve been trying to up my game, now that Im walking the school route 4 times a day… comfort keeps winning.. especially in the shoe stakes! I wore walking boots under my jeans the other morning and then changed into some pink suede Hobbs courts for going out in the car! There has to be a middle ground!

  7. I’m not even going to declare what i wore to pick up 4year old from school, good news it wasn’t Pjs though lol!

  8. It’s mad. They grow so quickly, my son has clothes that go to the charity shop before he’s even had a chance to wear then twice! Me? My clothes are coming OUTTA Oxfam these days. lol

  9. The thing is I know that whatever I put on is going to have sticky fingers smeared all over it in seconds so that means anything that doesn’t go in the washing machine is OUT. Forever.

    HOWEVER, and I am going to post about this soon, when the boys are in bed, I get into my rather nice luxurious pjs and then wrap myself up in cashmere (by far the most expensive item of clothing that I own). Slummy Mummy at that point, I think not. Just a shame that the only person who ever sees me is my husband who doesn’t notice. x

  10. My children are better dressed than I am, too – also thanks to their granny.

  11. Thank God for Grannies everywhere! Actually I think they love kitting out their little grandchildren so it’s a win-win situation!

    Both my babies were always FAR better dressed than me. This was for 2 main reasons:

    Oiliy, Petit-Bateau, Gant, Polo, Rachel Riley & Boden KIDS clothes are just about scrapable together, in a good month. But I couldn’t possibly afford to buy those labels for myself.

    I hoped that if my kids looked good, it would distract people from the mess I was in. 4 years on and I still have almost permanently broken nights. Although I do try and slap on a bit of make-up now, I’m still not back to the Richmond-dwelling, Soho-strutting, kitten-heel wearing city chick I was pre-kids. And not sure I ever will be!!

  12. By the way, I have a growing bag of clothes that I am putting aside for you/baby L as I slowly sort through my boxes of grown-out (designer) baby gear. As soon as it’s full, I’ll let you know and see if you want me to post anything on to you…

  13. Oh she looks gorgeous and her Ugg boots are so cool! My daughter has always been better dressed than me now assumes you will get gorgeous clothes. I have set a precedent that I probably should not have done.

  14. I find every time I visit the shops, even if I go looking for something for me, I always end up seeing something I like more for my girls. I miss dressing up. I also live in Jeans, converse, ballet pumps and for the first time since last winter…the Uggs were on today…sigh…
    ps – I love her petite bateau hoodie x

  15. She’s too cute and i’m so a slummy mummy, i haven’t really got an excuse anymore as the twins turn two next month, i think i need to try a little harder!

  16. If you just swap the converse for the flat pumps it will make and amazing difference! In fact I think I might throw them out, then you won’t be tempted!

  17. @Chic Mama: I know, now I want them, too! Maybe I should try to copy my daughter’s style 😉

    @Tara: Birkenstocks, still? I bet your toes must be blue these days.

    @Michelloui: Ahh, ripped jeans. How very fashion forward of you. I think they call it distressed. Or was that last season?

    @Ju: Soho? You are one brave woman.

    @Lady Mama: Oh yeah. I remember the baby weight dropping off and off and off. It’s such a liberating feeling!

    @ThatGirl39: Well done! Show them what a yummy mummy is. 😉

    @Amy: Honestly, if I were pregnant with #5, I would have tattoed my PJ’s onto my skin. Hehe.

    @Discontented Little Mummy: You could do a direct exchange. Sigh… it’s quite sad, isn’t it?

    @BiB: Why don’t you put up a picture of you in your lovely cashmere nightwear? We could all admire your style and compliment you. Maybe then even your husband would notice 🙂

    @Mwa: Somehow I get the feeling we are not alone…

    @Mamma Po: I am so looking forward to that bag of baby clothes goodness. Yay!!!

    @Rosie: I have to think about a strategy to explain that those extra nice things are not to be expected from mummy, except on birthdays and Christmas. At least this is how I plan to do it.

    @aconfusedtakethatfan: I really want to buy Uggs, now I am seeing them every day on my daughter’s feet. But I don’t have high hopes to look slightly as cute as she does, unfortunately.

    @Laura: Two already? Tut tut, now go and get out and buy yourself something nice to wear that you can hang in your closet until the kids are big enough to not smear their little chocolate-covered fingers onto it anymore. (when do kids stop doing that? 4? 6? 16?)

    @Lulu: Haha. Between us: I don’t think I was ever very well dressed, and I really do enjoy to use her as an excuse.

    @Mrs Fab: Quite radical. Mhm. But maybe you are right. They really HAVE seen better days. Let me sleep a night over it…

  18. As far as I can see everytime I leave the house, everyone wears scruffy shoes in town. Unless you work in the city, and even then you just change into nice shoes when you get to the office.
    Chucks are a Mum’s best friend!

  19. @Iota: Haha. I can already see her standing in my closet. ‘Muuuum, can I borrow your shooooes…?’

    @Kim: I did the same – the London pavements are just ruining every pair of heels. Now I discovered my love for gardening, I might invest into a pair of Wellies.

  20. I have been having firewall problems… again… I can post but I can’t reply to comments on my blog or write on others some of the time… anyway thank you for mentioning my blog and for giving us a glimpse into your shoe cupboard.

    I don’t have a baby and I spend most of my time in flats… the thing is they are just better for chalking up miles in the city. Just think how much you will enjoy wearing those beautiful heels when the time comes.

    You look like a cool Mummy to me!

  21. Well if its any consolation I am currently wearing the most bizarre outfit ever as a result of having had no washing machine for the last few days. Worst of all, it wasn’t until I did the school run, that I realised I was wearing trainers and STRIPEY socks. The shame. And at a new school too where the other mum’s have never seen me before!

  22. I can totally relate to this, my Princess is constantly dressed very well, she gets compliments on everything she wears – everywhere we go! Random people always talk about her shoes, her coat, her hair, etc. Me? I’m usually dressed all in black, or perhaps with jeans, and black flats. That is my outfit everyday I realise. Something needs to change!

  23. LOL! Love this posting. I’ve realised that I must also be a slummy mummy with two young children who wear much better clothes than me.
    I have tried to buy myself clothes but I either don’t know what to buy – I need that many clothes, or I can’t be bothered. Plus it’s more exciting looking for clothes for my children.
    I found some very high heeled, nearly knee-hi boots of mine that I haven’t worn for four years (since my 1st was born). ‘ Those were the days’ I thought to myself. I guess I’ll get to wear them again one day…maybe I should wear them around the house!!

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