The misbehaving husband

Just in case you thought a trip to the supermarket with kids would be exhausting…

misbehaving husband

Thank you Derrick Soo at Net Buzz for spotting this! And I promise to leave him at home next time.

As soon as my back ache is under control again, I promise to stop pulling up more nonsense. But for the time being this is as creative as it gets. Sorry, guys.


  1. Big M says

    At least they did not mind me asking them to announce that my old friend last name Jass, first name Hugh, should come to information.

    “Customer Hugh Jass, Hugh Jass, please come to information”

    Works a treat, such a classic.

  2. Ha Ha! I want to know that man! He certainly knows how to inject some fun in a boring chore πŸ™‚

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