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Being me

Every now and then, a tiny bit of the old me resurfaces and gives me a smile. The-putting-on-makeup-me. The-strutting-around-in-heels-me. The-choosing-cream-white-coat-over-practical-me. So when Big M took me out for dinner on Saturday, I felt more like being just me than I did over the past seven months.

Saturday night

A bit unlike the old me: after dinner I refused another glass of Champagne at the bar, eager to hit the pillow by 10:30pm. I guess that’s when Met Mum took over again.


  1. Oh I’m so proud of you MM!!!! I cannot believe you finally had some MM and Big M. time!!! Sounds a true Cinderella story, escept that Cinderella had a bit of a later curfew:) xxx LZ

  2. Ooh that coat is gorgeous!! So glad you got a bit of time to yourselves.

    Me and the hubby are attempting that on Wednesday – our first evening out on our own in 16 months!!! Eep!

  3. Julia says

    I am mostly disappointed about the champagne situation. Who took the second glas?
    And can you turn on the lowlights so I can see your shoes too?
    Smack! Puss.

  4. Gorgeous coat! Now… repeat after me…. “I, Met Mum, must NOT turn down champagne when it is offered”…. x

  5. Both the coat and the restaurant look nice! Just think, champagne vouchers saved up for next time…
    Glad you had a good night out, you deserve it xx

  6. I see Fredericks are offering a 1969 menu. As a chap I am honour bound to snigger at that 🙂

    Glad you had a nice meal out, I remember when we got to go out to Darcy’s in St Albans (we had our wedding reception there) when M’laddo was settled. Lovely to be out but we were back home and tucked up before the babysitter had found the chocolates!

  7. I had an old me moment the other day when hubby was away and my daughter was with friends and I decided to go to the grocery store at 10 pm! It was sad really, that I got so excited about it.

  8. what a fabulous coat! Now we know where little L gets her style from! as if we didn’t already. Glad you had fun.

  9. I totally know how that feels! I love going out with the bf every now and then, getting all fancy like I used to, when I never thought that it was fancy but NORMAL. And I get so tired. And drunk VERY quickly. So I don’t drink as much either. Ugh. Mommyhood. lol

  10. this must be such a fantastic feeling, right?? actaully, lately, i’ve been a bit off the wagon w/ myself … this post reminds me to hurry and get back, lol!!!

    have a lovely week, xx

  11. I have 3 light coats that I daren’t wear, I don’t have children but I am guaranteed to sit on something icky or spill the red wine … aaah that’s why we choose Chamapagne…

  12. Oh it sounds wonderful! All dressed up sounds like a blast…I probably would have had a tough time deciding between champagne and my pillow. Being a mom is sometimes strange huh – seems like the Champagne should win but then it doesn’t!

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