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Fashion forward style lessons from my baby daughter

gap and stella mccartney baby girl

Thanks to Liz at Violet Posy, not only did I make it in time to the Gap to admire Stella McCartney’s cooperation with the high street brand, I even hunted down one of the one-piece sweaters for little L.

gap and stella mccartney jumper

Looking down at myself, I realised that, again, I look like someone had pushed me into my wardrobe only to make me emerge lightly tossed in whatever clothes happened to stick on me.

I thought to myself: ‘If only I was a baby. I could be fashion forward and super comfy.’

And just when I was on the verge of giving up, THIS popped up on my screen. A grey woollen jumpsuit by Topshop Unique.

topshop unique jumpsuit aw 09

Now I only need to find someone who wants to carry me around all day and jumps when I bat an eyelid. What a blissful thought on a grey autumn day.

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