Malnourished Monday

Introducing: Malnourished Monday

I recently wrote a post about the size zero trend and how fed up I was with the image of severely underweight women being presented as the norm. To blame the media or the fashion industry would be a little too easy – I love fashion and I love my magazines, so maybe I am part of the problem?

As a grown-up and more or less confident woman, I can flip through the pages of a magazine without even realising how many sickly thin women ‘smile’ from the pages. But our children don’t. On said post Iota commented: ‘My 5 year old asks me occasionally if she’s fat. She isn’t. She isn’t skinny, but she’s fine for a 5 year old. But worrying about size starts young.’

Time to start my own little grassroot campaign against size zero. Every Monday I am going to post a recent image that incorporates the size zero trend and is worth looking at it twice – for it being grotesque and depressing. If you’d like to join in and help raising awareness, please do so. And don’t forget to post your URL in a comment below.

Her comes: Malnourished Monday #1

Screen shot 2009-11-15 at 21.44.11

This is a sketch by designer Katie Gallagher for her SHROUD collection. Can you imagine the brief for the fashion show casting? ‘No, I want them really thin. Like see-through thin. And can’t they look a little bit like zombies? Just tell them not to sleep. And no food either, of course.’


  1. A fab idea hun, I’ve always been not skinny, always the 12/14 end and had to endure fat jibes at school becuase i wasn’t a rake. I would hate my 4girls to feel pressure to look like a zombie xxxxx

  2. A great idea MM. All shapes and sizes make up the world but woman, and young girls in particular, shouldn’t be pressured to conform to one ideal. I’m a size 12 and why this should make me feel fat is beyond me… but it does! I will do everything to make sure my daughter grows up with a positive body image and that she’s healthy. Those are the two most important things. Unfortunately I know she’ll have so many influences to contend with. x

  3. Lol Nappy Vally girl is on the money “shroud” – exactly! Your so right in what your saying MM and i really hope things can change as it’s depressing to think my four girls will have to contend with this insane body ideal soon.

  4. Great idea – I love it when people make a stand. That’s such a dreadful picture – looks like something from a book I have in the downstaors loo called ‘The Ghastlycrumb Tinies’. Check it out – you’ll see what I mean!

  5. Im the same as you, I love my magazines but does that mean Im supporting the ultra-thin ‘ideal’?

    So sad that this size 0 image is so prevalent, so sad that so many women and girls are affected by this–even ‘balanced’ individuals!! I support your campaign!!!

  6. Ha! Saw your post just in time for my first run in yonks in effort to re-gain my size nil. I’m now the average American size of 12 and would be well pleased to get down to a healthy size 6 or 8 which is my ideal. When I was a zero I got a lot of hateful stares but was also a full time smoker. Ditched the ciggies but gained 3 stone. Ah well, it was worth giving up the dirty deed. I was just chatting to my husband yesterday about a woman I work with who eats complete crap but is tiny. Now that makes me ill!

  7. Thanks a lot for your comments and your support. It means a lot to me!
    xx Met Mum

  8. Great idea! I’m totally behind you on this. The image is quite eerie – spot on. How can anyone so painfully thin as the runway models we see these days be happy or healthy?

  9. interesting idea – love the graphic image you have too – I’ve been to a few fashion shows and it always suprised me how awful they look close up – one in ten of them appeared to be truly skinny, healthy and beautiful

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