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Is it a bird? Is it a thunderbolt? No, it’s Met Mum in her new coat!

This is what happens when you are too eager to keep up with your fashion forward baby daughter. A classic case of being lured into confidence and carried away by the psychological warfare that is used and mastered by Selfridges to sweet-talk you into buying things.

the purple coat

What was I thinking? The coat is so purple I have to hand out sunglasses. Plus, if I don’t put on quite a bit of makeup, the coat is going to wear me, not the other way round. Urgh.


  1. Ooh I like it!!! Can you tone it down with a snazzy scarf or something?

    (although my use of the word ‘snazzy’ should tell you not to take any fashion advice from me whatsoever…)


  2. Love it lady! You can make a statement with your coat so embrace your inner purpleness! You look fab… and snuggly in it too x

  3. @Josie: I had to lok up ‘snazzy’, hehe. Gives you an insight into the depths of my fashion knowledge.

    @ThatGirl39: Snuggly it is and little L will spot me easily, no matter where we go. I think this madness started last summer when I fell in love with a certain Essie nail polish. Note to self: don’t match nails and coat!

    @RML: I try and keep telling that myself 🙂

  4. The coat is fab! Love it girl! Done with boring colors! Prob looks gorgeous with your baby blues too:) xxx LZ

  5. Joanne says

    It’s lovely, you look great. I’m just glad at this moment we don’t live close enough to go out for coffee – my coat is bright green.x

  6. Actually, I like it! It’s a bold color, but I think it’s fun. So many people opt for standard black, so it’s great to see color, especially heading into the gray days of winter.

  7. @LZ: Cheeky, LZ, cheeky! No baby blues in da house, fortunately. Only little L having a cold and an Autobahn of snot coming out of her nose…

    @Joanne: HAHA. We could wear really bumpy shoes and join the Teletubbies.

    @Jen: At least I am not going to be run over by a bus, because the driver didn’t see me…

  8. I also like it very much. I’m torn between a yellow or a leopard fake fur this season but will probably stick to my old grey’s.
    You look good and of course have the right surroundings.
    Are you on twitter btw?

    🙂 Ju

  9. I think it’s fab!

    But I’m still in love from my yellow coat from last year.

    As long as it makes you smile…

    And yay to fashion forward daughters!

  10. this is a very fun post – and aren’t we all having experience to doubt about the recent purchase?? however, i will give a thumb-up for this purple coat – nothing better than something electrifying to spice up the our wardrobe … i really love it! and a dashing of bright lipstick will brighten your face just fine!!!

    btw: i really appreciate your previous comment – i am glad to be understood :D,

    have a great weekend, xx

  11. I am having trouble getting my comment to submit..will try again.
    I think in the grey foggy winter months deep purple is life and energy and much needed in our world – royal indeed and on such a pretty gal!
    When three daughter were at home I painted the wall in their bathroom deep purple as I was told they could put on their make up better and they would look good infront of it…and it worked…now I am thinking buttery yellow or lovely red because the girls are all away now…choosing for themselves…we need more diversity and color in our world – YES!

  12. I agree with everyone else and disagree with you – it looks wonderful, such a refreshing change from dreary old war-days-of-Zhivago black. And do you have blue eyes? I bet it makes them pop! Just gorgeous. I am a great lover of the purple-blue-pink family – gorgeous. And thanks so much for commenting on this too, too solid flesh. Poor old wasteline needs as much encouragement as she can get. Poor lass, having to slim for someone else’s wedding in WINTER.

    Your photo makes me very nostalgic for London as well….


  13. @Ellen: I try, I try!

    @Ju: Thanks! How very nice of the houses and trees to participate in my little shoot, isn’t it? 😉

    @Lady Mama: Coming from a Lady with style – I take it as a compliment.

    @Zooarchaeologist: You could use it to decorate that hole in Fifi’s wall, he he.

    @Kat: Haha. Thanks, I can use every bit of encouragement with that monster of a coat.

    @Surprise Mum: Do you want to join Joanne and me and form the new Teletubbies?

    @Rosie: I actually lost the receipt. Why does this only happen with the more expensive items? Why? Why?

    @Peggy: I’ll pop by soon in it to cheer you up and frighten the boys 😉

    @UnoCosa: Thanks for coming back here!

    @Patricia: You are such a cool mum!! Yay for cool mums and more colour in our lives.

    @Iota: Yeah, rub it in. It doesn’t ever get cold where you live, right? But then… Midwest is a pretty big area.

    @Heather: You have to discuss this with Zooarchaeologist.

    @Cassandra: Yes, blue eyes. And gorgeous can never be used too much.
    PS: Diet in winter? Your friend is mad!

    @LZ: Ahaaa. Ok. Got it. I reckon that comes from the same club where LOL doesn’t mean Lots of Love. Gosh, I feel old.

  14. Loving the coat, a nice big thick grey scarf and beanie hat will help to tone it down if you feel the need, but you will brighten up many a dull London day in that beauty my darling! xx

  15. shelley says

    Its a lovely coat my dear. R u around for a chat one day this week? When is best to reach you?xx

  16. What are you talking about – that coat looks amazing. Now if the rest of your outfit was purple dress, purple tights, purple shoes and a purple hat – that would be a bit much (and make you look like the boy in Charlie and the chocolate factory who ate all the blueberries) – the coat on its own is fab!

  17. Ooh, ooh, fab coat! My current one is black and two buttons have fallen off it. I think I might have to go for something bright this time…

  18. I love colour, and I think that’s a great coat. (Hee hee – greatcoat.) Nevermind. I like it.

  19. That is a great coat. And you look great in it. Don’t tone it down! That would be like admitting you’ve made a mistake. Which you haven’t. Bet you’ve got a black coat tucked away somewhere anyway? Pull that out when you’re feeling sombre – and accessorise with a PURPLE scarf! Good ponytail, btw.

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