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Malnourished Monday #2


As if it wasn’t bad enough that women like Kate Moss count as rolemodels (may I quickly remind you: a love for publicly shoving coke up her nose, the heroin addicted boyfriend, frequently stumbling around town completely drunk), now she is even giving dieting advice. Of all the wrong kind.

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), Moss is reported to have said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’, being asked about her mottos. The saying can be found on numerous pro-anorexia and bulimia websites.

Her agency now claims that this was taken out of context. But in which context would such a phrase look good?

Don’t get me wrong, I think she has a stunningly beautiful side to herself that is amazingly well preserved, given the hardcore lifestyle that she followed during the last two decades. Maybe exactly that lifestyle is to blame for such comments. Cocaine does not only decrease the need for food and sleep, it is known to potentially cause major brain damage.

It is absolute incomprehensible, how she could not realise what impact her words would have on young girls. This is particularly bizarre as she is mum to a seven-year-old girl herself.

In the past, Kate Moss has been famous for remaining silent and turning down interviews. Now, that’s a great motto, Kate!


  1. I knooooowww! Its so strange how she became eve more famous after her coke stunt! Kinda like the public and the media wanted to see her fail…but you’re right, she’s a terrible example to young girls today, and even more so to her own daughter!!! x LZ

  2. Agh! I heard this the other day and I was shocked! I think it demonstrates the one-sidedness with which she moves through the world–she has such an addiction for constant public attention (good or bad) and she believes she needs to stay skinny to continue to get this attention, what she is really saying is ‘nothing tastes as good as attention–and therefore reinforcement that I am acceptable, feels’.

    Will we see her getting sci fi amounts of plastic surgery when she’s showing signs of ageing?

    Its scary to know how much our looks do matter (they do, statistically) but its also scary what people perceive as ‘good looks’. Skinny, curvy, athletic, Rubenesque (sp?!), all have a place in beauty and we know that, but frustratingly so many people still believe ‘skinny’ is the gold standard. Its not just the media to blame.

    Love this Monday theme!

  3. I agree she is a terrible role model. Obviously being affected by the fall out from cocaine addiction it sickens me how she ‘got off’ scott free. Even increasing her ‘saleability’ afterwards. What does that tell young people??
    Too right, she doesn’t usually do interviews and maybe she shouldn’t do one again if she can’t say the right thing.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. I love your new Malnourished Monday feature, have mentioned it in my post today.

  5. What a stupid thing to say. But then again, she’s a fashion model, not an intellectual….and it probably would be best, as you say, if she stayed silent and inscrutable.

  6. Maybe she really said “nothing tastes as good as skinny fries”. Poor girl. She was only bigging up her favourite McDonalds order and now everyone’s having a go…

  7. that comment was a disgrace!! Can’t believe she can get away with saying things like that in the public eye while being such a huge role model.

  8. Yep, I also agree. In fact, I was so cross when I heard about the comment I also blogged about it. I love the idea of ‘malnourished Monday’. It’s so important we fight against these images, and they don’t just effect young girls but grown, intelligent-in-other-ways, women like myself.

    You might be interested in this thread on the F-Word blog:

    It is essentially defending her and blaming the media for encouraging the furore, but having read the blog and the comments, I still think it’s up to Kate Moss to take responsibility for what she says.

  9. I was absoluely appalled by this too, especially because she would surely have been aware of the impact of her comment, she has worked in the industry for so long and has hade the “anorexia” term thrown at her in the past. She is also hugely influential and of course she designs for Top Shop. So it’s disgusting really and I can imagine that quite is all over the pro-ana websites.
    She needs to meet some eating disorder sufferers and find out how skinny really feels. It may make her rethink, or maybe not.

  10. Yes! Role models are a huge part of the problem. I don’t mind Kate Moss, but like other supermodels I kind of think, meh, she’s okay, nothing amazing. She’s not sexy at all. Marilyn Monroe – SHE was beautiful (and a size 16 I believe).

  11. Oh dear. I agree that silence is the best option, especially when you are an icon for young people. I think icon is a better word as I wouldn’t call anyone who takes cocaine a role model. The skinny debate is an interesting one that will rage on and on in the fashion industry and never be resolved. You could say that it’s hypocritical of me to read fashion mags and enjoy wearing clothes more when I’m slimmer whilst at the same time, encouraging my daughter to eat a good diet and hope that she ends up in healthy shape. i.e. not too skinny or too big. Beauty can be found in a lot of images… as Lady Mama says, Marilyn was gorgeous and I think some photos of Kate are beautiful too. I try not to get too hung up on the debate but just try and do whats right for me and my daughter. A great topic that gets everyone to have their say MM… brilliant! x

  12. Thank you for all your great comments – I would love to reply to each and all of them, but I am traveling this week with limited computer access. I promise to get back to you soon! xx MM

  13. Absolutely with you, Met Mum, on Kate’s reckless stupidity in sharing her diet tips with us. After so many years in the spotlight, she really should know better. But clearly doesn’t.

    What’s worse though, is how 1 dimensional her life must be as a result of this skewed attitude towards food and eating. I genuinely feel sorry for her – actually have just posted on the matter!

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