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The headline reads ‘The revenge of the sensible shoe’. Unfortunately, the author doesn’t say what the revenge consists of. Maybe the shoe had all the food and left the ladies hungry?

Do you think the girls look perfectly healthy? Look closer. Don’t be fooled by the piles of fabric draped around the stick thin models, underneath is just skin and bones. Even the stylists and their ‘big-hair-do’ couldn’t create the illusion of substance. But they managed to nicely underline the lollipop effect a too big head on an underweight body creates.

Is that Natalia Vodianova on the left? I think she is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, but what has happened to her? Has she joined the Skinny Mummies club, becoming her thinnest ever past children? Why???

Or are these girls just trying to copy Anna Paper-Thin Wintour? I have heard that women of a certain age tend to make a choice between face and arse. But them?

Spotted in the Sunday Times Style Magazine 08/11 2009


  1. Yuck. I’m sure fashion editors live in some coke fuelled fantasy world of their own 🙁

  2. Guys like curves! Not that all we want to do is impress guys, but surely women who are this concerned about their appearance as to make all this effort have some desire to be… well, desired?

  3. Again, these pictures are unhelpful and it makes me angry that people are commissioning these models to promote fashion.

    I think a sensible shoe would be one where models have to be a healthy weight to wear and promote it. One that speaks up if the wearer should not be on the cat walk or in the fashion pages of magazines. Just a thought.

    Thanks the mention of my skinny mummies post. It is nice to know our small corner of the blogosphere can make a difference and help get the message across.

  4. They would be attractive if they didn’t look like lollipops. Their figures are like 13 year old girls’, quite disturbing.

  5. They look like cartoons!!! I’m just baffled at how surreal they look! Is that really N. Vodionova? Such a shame, cuz she is a “beautiful creature.” 🙂 Loving these rants against the fashion skinny obsession btw! xxx LZ

  6. This is why i don’t buy magazines anymore. I have a 10-year-old girl, and they doubt their beauty enough without buying into the myth that being as thin as a stick is desirable. Thanks for speaking up, this is a great idea!

  7. If you ask me a sensible shoe is an ugg, or a trainer, or anything without a spindly little heel.

    Is it just me or do those women/waifs/unmatured girls resemble those shoes slightly? Very big top and nothing from the neck down?

  8. They look so tiny!!! I had my 4year old ask me if she was fat the other day???? I nearly choked! and these skinny little tarts do no good for our children’s perpective of what is a healthy weight.

  9. I really wish for a world where these women would be called what they are – scrawny and gross. This isn’t beautiful and we need to start letting them know that.

  10. They look like they’ve been photoshopped. I mean, seriously, nobody can be that thin without being half dead? Tell me they’ve been photoshopped. Please.

  11. They look like strange dolls not real people.
    I don’t get men who fancy women who look like this just because they look like this. I’m afraid all the men I know who love very skinny women- I mean very skinny- have issues around wanting control and talk endlessly about how if they got fat (ie normal sized) they would have to leave them. I have had this conversation with 2 men and it’s horrid.
    I also know someone who exists on 1000 calories a day- forever- that’s the plan. Sometimes it’s far less to ‘save up’ to be able to go out for meals and have blow out 1500 calorie days- woo hoo exciting times. The husband encourages this and thinks it’s ‘sweet’- it’s not it’s insane.

  12. the weight-issue is a forever debating topic … however, i am quite optimistic lately with all the rise of street fashion style and how normal girls and boys get to show off their styles without everyone being stick-thin! also, i found, in many tabloid stories, that there were some really poorly-retouched pictures as if someone purposefully made subject sickly skinny – of course, it’s more an observation than fact as i have never attempted to verify … anyway, thanks you so much for the wishes and let’s all encourage each other to love small details in our lives :-), xx

  13. Yuk. Is it me or are these coat-hangers getting smaller and smaller. Wish we could return to the days when Rubenesque still equalled attractive. Fashion should be fun not fatal – a couple of days ago an ex-Miss Argentina died after having buttock surgery. Which might be funny if it wasn’t so dreadfully awful. She had two children.

  14. These folks look photo shopped?
    I just heard that an Argentinian model and mum of 7 year old twins just died trying to change her arse….

    I have a more Pixar view of shoe revenge.

  15. Hhhmm shoes.. sorry… got distracted! The more worrying thing is that they say the camera adds 10lbs… not good. I understand the need for slim healthy looking models but verging on skeletal.. theres really no need. The choice between face and arse thing always makes me laugh! I wonder if anyones ever had the fat sucked out of their arse and had it injected into their face?!

  16. They look ill. I really fear for my daughter sometimes having to grow up with this view of distorted body images everywhere.

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