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Nursery style ideas

Yes, she is seven months already. And I know that some parents manage to finish the nursery six months before the baby is born. But as you might have realised already, I am not the first in line when it comes to accomplishing household related tasks. Hoovering the floor? Tackling the laundry pile? Painting the hallway? I’d rather flip through the pages of my Grazia, thank you very much. Especially when I have to start off with this:


When the baby books suggested I might feel the strong urge to clean the house or buy and assemble furniture around the fifth month of pregnancy, the only urge I felt was the one to get out and have a stiff drink. With the latter being out of question, I spent my free time in the cinema, meeting friends for lunch or going for a massage. I managed to make the most of the last few weeks I had all to myself for the next 18 years to come.

So when little L was born, the nursery did have sanded floorboards and walls, but was still abused as our storage/coat room. Over the last six months, the tiniest room in our house turned into the prettiest with the best view over the back garden.


We chose neutral colours and monochrome walls, as we thought her clothes and toys would add enough colour to the rather small room. The walls are painted in the same grey with lilac shade all the walls in our house are painted.


We decided to go for a cotbed that could easily be turned into a junior bed, once little L would be a bit bigger. With the room being so tiny, having a changing table was out of question. Instead, we got a cot top changer that easily disappears behind the bed when not in use.


To accommodate all the lovely baby clothes, we were looking for a narrow but tall chest of drawers. Luckily, The White Company does a lovely piece of furniture called Tallboy.


The little lamp is from the White Company, too. We found the mirror in a kitsch shop in Islington – very helpful to check if your baby has fallen asleep on your shoulder and is ready for the transition to her cot.


Behind the door, we put up two peg rails. One for me to hang her Sunday dresses. And another one in little-L-friendly height. Peg rails can be quite pricy for what they are – buy them cheap at your local DIY store and paint them yourself.


To complete the look, we got these lovely pictures. They are part of a the lovely children’s range at King & McGaw, where you can even order them to be delivered in customised frames.


Job done.

As a reward for bearing with me through my stint in interior decorating, I am pleased to offer Met Mum readers 25% off at King & McGaw. Just enter MetMum25 at checkout. The code is valid until 30 November 2009. And NO, this isn’t a sponsored post. I just happen to know someone who works there.


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