Please don’t f*** up my Karma

A while ago, A Modern Mother wrote a post aimed at PR companies about how to approach bloggers when trying to engage them for reviews and the likes. Apparently, the appeal was fruitful; at least I haven’t heard of any more crass incidences.

But when it comes to taking communication between PRs and bloggers to the next level, there is still a lot to learn, it seems. Recently, I recognised an increasing number of missing email- and even blog-etiquette.

Take the publisher of the youth magazine, for example, who approached me, asking if I would like to contribute to the re-launch of their site. To be honest, I was extremely flattered. I used to work as an online editor for a youth magazine, thus I think I do have some relevant experience. As I received their reply (‘great, yadi yadi yada’), I wasn’t even completely put off by the fact that there wasn’t going to be any money in it.

I answered that this would be ok to begin with, but asked if they could contribute to the cost of a babysitter. I never heard from them again.

Another example: my NCT class. Recently, I was looking for a babysitter. After going through the nightmare of putting an ad on gumtree, working through a pile of applications and interviewing about 20 girls, I thought I’d pass on some great babysitters, as I was looking for just one. Plus, I suggested a date for us to meet again. Except of one woman, nobody got back to me.

I know I should let it go, don’t let it bother me and be all Zen about it. Unfortunately, it upsets me and I tend to take it personally. It creates very bad thoughts that are bad for my Karma.

Is not getting back to each other en vogue? Is this how far the recession has come? Are we saving on replies?

I like to think of myself as someone who can deal with a fair amount of constructive critique. I’d even prefer you to say to my face that you think I am a boring old twat and that you just don’t want to play with me. I can live with that.

But ignoring emails, comments or questions, especially while answering those of everybody else is not only extremely unprofessional, but also very bad style – a grown-up version of Mean Girls.

They say ‘What goes around comes around’. Or to say it with the words of Liberty London Girl: Karma is a bitch.


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