Dreaming of a white Christmas

snow in Switzerland

So it’s snowing again in London. Remember last year’s snow chaos? London went into freeze (literally) with no buses and no trains running during a few days. Just like thousands of other people, Big M got stuck on one of trains that were stranded somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The amount of snow that had fallen was laughable, compared with what other countries have to deal with on a regular basis. But it looked very pretty. And the sudden calm in the city was surprisingly pleasant. So please, dear Santa Claus. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Ok, I admit it, this isn’t London in a snowy, sparkly dress in the picture above, but Switzerland. But wouldn’t it be nice to hop on a sleigh to get to work or take the kids to school? Gosh, how I miss Switzerland!


  1. It was just so lovely to watch the snow falling earlier! Elliott keep asking if we can go and make a snowman and check at the window if it is still falling.

    I am with you on that one. Santa, a White Christmas, pleeeaaaase?!

  2. Yes Please!!! Lots of snow for Christmas. And I promise not to sing a la Bing Crosby… well… maybe! x

  3. We still haven’t had snow in Long Island! Sleet is about as far as it’s got. But it’s forecast this weekend, so my fingers are crossed…

  4. I love snow too! Vancouver is probably very similar to London in snow fall… it was crap. It was gorgeous for the evening, barely 2 inches fell, streets were crazy and by morning it was all melted away!

  5. It was so dreamy yesterday! Except Oxford Circus was not the best place to be at that particular time. I also would have preferred to be in switzerland where the hills are alive with the sound of music! xxx LZ

  6. I love snow too, I was heading out of London during the snow yesterday, it became drizzle within a few miles going to the warmer wild west

  7. I wouldn’t mind the snow so much if this city could actually cope with it. Instead everything somes to a standstill and it’s seen as more of an inconvenience than a joy.

  8. I am due to pop with my first bub any time soon and I would love it if in years to come we could say that they were born on a day when London was turned into a snowy wonderland

  9. No don’t let it snow! Last year was chaos. It looks very pretty of course but then you go out in it and discover the whole of Britain has come to a standstill because our transport system has no idea how to cope with. It’s even worse than leaves on the line!

  10. what a beautifully written post!!! i could just imaging in my head, hopping on a carriage and go about my day, 😉

    secretly, i am hopping for some mass snow so i can have exucse to stay home with my coffee, computer and pillows 😀

    btw: thanks for the lovelie words … i told velizar what you said, and he got quite shy, haha!

    have a lovely rest of week, xx

  11. It snowed here again, lovely. Did you live in Switzerland? My mother’s family is from there. We love it too. Off to find the sledges…

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