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Making the most of it

making the most of it

Not too long ago, my life was far from rosy. I remember feeling like being caught in an impressionistic painting: when you looked too close, the whole thing appeared to be quite messy and didn’t make sense at all.

With all the crap in my childhood and the way my parents were living, I thought it was only destiny that my marriage shouldn’t last. And that it would be either accepting promiscuity or a life on my own. I chose the latter.

When friends asked me about a year after our split how I was, I said ‘ok’. I had bored myself silly with my whinging about how sad I was and that I still hadn’t regained solid ground under my feet. I plunged head first into work, parties and meaningless affairs.

There was a lot of bruising, but at least I felt alive. Cutting myself would have had the same effect.

After another two years I was exhausted. I packed up and waved London goodbye to retire to Switzerland. It was then when I met Big M.

Today I am ridiculously happy with my life, my husband and my daughter. I am grinning a lot, and I know that some people say I am an annoying spoiled brat, especially when I am ‘bragging’ about my happiness. I have heard that before.

As history teaches us: there is no such thing as forever. Loved ones become ill, lovers fall out of love or even die. It has all happened before and I am not ignorant enough to assume it won’t possibly happen to me.

I am trying to make the most of it while it lasts.

Here’s to you, Big M: I love you. You are the love of my life.


  1. Good for you, life’s taught me how to value what I have and be grateful for it. Everything’s temporary and quite fragile really. I’m pleased you’re so happy now x

  2. That’s what I like to see: a declaration of love wrapped in a good dose of cynicism. 😉

  3. it’s not bragging it’s wonderful you appreciate your happiness so much. Also the story makes me hope I will meet a great love when I don’t expect to!

  4. Sometimes people better of having gone through it a bit because we appreciate what we have so much more. I am sorry for your pain though but so happy for your joy. Bless Mr.M x

  5. Sorry – should read “..are better off…” Der, brain’s in a box somewhere.

  6. It is the season for being jolly, so you jolly well say good things and enjoy good things!

    Hurrah for you and yours and for where you are now as opposed to where you were then!

  7. Brag Brag Brag… and then do it some more! It’s wonderful that you found happiness and you should shout about it from the rooftops whenever you feel the need! I’m a strong believer in living for the now as you never know whats around the corner. X

  8. Enjoy it all. Often good things come to those who wait and it sounds like you waited long enough. Merry Christmas.

  9. That is such a cute pic, I saw it on the fridge at the folks’ house in CH. Enjoy the Big M. love…it’s great to have that much of it in your life, and Little L. is a lucky penguin to receive it all from the 2 of you. xxx LZ

  10. It’s definitely worth making the most of it, but who’s to say it won’t last?

  11. I get so bored with people thinking its funny to go on and on about the misery in their lives. Sometimes it raises a chuckle, and sometimes blogs are a great place to air these feelings to learn that others share them and have useful strategies. But sometimes I just love to hear someone who is genuinely happy go on about it!! Bragging is when saying it is like saying ‘Im better than you’ but when you;re just glowing with happiness and good will then how is it bragging to shout about it?! Live in the moment, enjoy that moment and long may the moment last. With an attitude like that it may well last forever. This is inspiring!! x

  12. Oh darling that is so wonderful. I’m really happy for you. Anyway, who’s to say that it won’t last forever? Big kiss sweetie x

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