Malnourished Monday

Malnourished Monday #4

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Grazia Magazine is by far my favourite glossy pastime. I particularly like the mixture of celebrity gossip, fashion trends, beauty tips and issues that move hearts or at least make you think about problems in less wealthy parts of our world.

I loved the recent article about Gemma Ward and how cruel and out of proportion it was of people to label her fat after putting on a few pounds. Once again the issue of size zero and eating disorders made it into the magazine.

The more upsetting it is to be presented with editorials like the above in the very same magazine. Doesn’t the editor-in-chief realise that this is not only hypocritical, but also lets Grazia become part of the problem?

I am sorry, but what exactly is this? The sticky legs parade? Competition for the bluntest look? Or the Sid-look-alike-contest?



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