Malnourished Monday

Malnourished Monday #5

dresses to die for

The headline of this Harrods promotion in Grazia reads ‘DRESSES TO DIE FOR’. And the weapon of choice in this case is starvation, I reckon.


  1. Good lord! Shocking! Someone get that girl a sandwich. Isn’t it sad, really??

    I don’t think anyone needs to die for that dress either.

    Love the theme of Malnourished Monday, by the way and your site is lovely as well. 😉

  2. eeek its not that nice of dress to ‘die for’ get that girl a pie quickly! and if you don’t die of starvation the price will cause a heart attack anyway!! xx

  3. Does anyone actually think this girl is sexy? In m y circle of friends, we all prefer a Scarlett Johansson type, a real woman (well, just prettier than most of us, ha, ha).

  4. the dress looks horrible and so does she, I mean really, that’s not pretty! Or rather, how can anyone find this beautiful and put it in an ad?

  5. How sad she looks! Thx so much for yesterday! Had such a lovely time yesterday. Little L is looking more and more beautiful. xxx LZ

  6. Big M says

    As if men would find that attractive and go out to buy that dress as a present.
    Stick thin, boney and with that mean “I have you for breakfast” look….. she has us guys running for the hills rather than the stores!

  7. Seriously, she needs some food.
    I think in Europe we still can be overweight and find clothes to buy. But in Brazil its just NOT possible, and in case you are a bit overweight, people looks you like ohhhh my goooddddd.

  8. Just trying to imagine myself in that dress (*snigger*). Where would I put the straps of my industrial-sized nursing bra? Get REAL!!

  9. Good, God! Get that woman hooked up to an IV immediately! Isn’t it sad that is what the fashion and advertising industries want for us to think is real beauty?

  10. It may be she’s starving because she spent all of her savings on that dress.

  11. Yikes. Awful. She needs to indulge in a few more gingerbread latte’s with extra cream. Who exactly is this look supposed to appeal to?

  12. she doesn’t look nice- it’s like people can’t see or have been so conditioned their eyes lie to them. Thin is fine but bones sticking out of your face is not.

  13. Almost every few months we have some ex-super model confessing about the anorexia/bulimia that they experienced just to stay in the modelling business. Is anyone still under the impression that these women are naturally that thin? I have a thin teenage daughter, but she’s not skin and bone.

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