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Malnourished Monday #6 – the Christmas break

Just in case you have magically managed to miss it: It’s Christmas time! It is the season to be spent with family and friends; it’s the time for making presents and receiving gifts, and most importantly: the time to indulge in food that only comes once a year with said season of comfort and joy.

Our calendars are filled with dates to meet family and friends. For mulled wine and biscuits in the afternoon, a Christmassy lunch with salmon and potatoes in the pub or for a relaxed dinner at the long dining table in our kitchen.

I am feeling sorry for all the actual and aspiring size zeros, who cannot tuck into the turkey and lick the gravy from their lips, without the guilt-ridden and all-consuming thoughts of how to get rid of all the extra calories.

Being a size zero (and thus anorectic per medical definition, if you don’t happen to be a 7-year-old) doesn’t only mean to miss out on all the great food, but also missing out on the great joy that goes together with sharing a meal.

Being anorectic is not fun. It’s self-destructive, isolating and it is lethal in up to 18% of the ‘cases’.

This is the season of comfort and joy. I just can’t get myself to post about this topic around Christmas. Instead, here is what I hope to see more of next year: Beautiful, healthy, smart women. Admired not only for their beauty, but also for their talent. Like her:

liv tylerOr her:


Malnourished Monday will be back in 2010. Scary and skinny as usual.


  1. i would be very sad if i couldn’t enjoy all those tins of chocs, tins of biscuits, mince pies and a lovely christmas dinner. Especially being able to share them with loved ones have a merry chirstmas hun xxxxx

  2. I love both of those girls. Maybe you should do a real woman friday or something as well 😉

    Merry Christmas darling!!

  3. yes, yes!!! cheers for health, smart, happy women who also enjoy life :-)))

    happy Xmas week, xx

  4. I fully intend on encouraging my Christmas curves with lots of cheese this year…. same as last year really.. and the year before that! Enjoy and indulge I say.. there’s always time for healthy resolutions in January! x

  5. I know, I know, I would love to do a ‘great, beautiful, smart, happy rolemodel’ series. The problem is that there aren’t enough to guarantee a weekly post. Isn’t that sad???

  6. Gorgeous Liv Tyler! Lovely pre-christmas post on how to enjoy food and all the yummy other bits about christmas. Merci cherie! et Joyeux noel a ta jolie petite famille:) xxx LZ

  7. @LZ: It’s in the washing, in order to be ready for the festivities. I’d love the outfit for myself, too. It’s so cute!!

  8. Late to reply to this one as I’ve been away. Thanks so much for linking to my blog.
    Everything you say is SO TRUE. This will actually be my very first Christmas relaxing and enjoying the food and festivities and more importantly really feeling part of it. Starving just isn’t worth it.
    Looking forward to more Malnourished Monday posts. We should put our heads together with this issue, I feel we could really make a difference and continue to send out some very powerful messages.

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