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Malnourished Monday #6 – the Christmas break

Just in case you have magically managed to miss it: It’s Christmas time! It is the season to be spent with family and friends; it’s the time for making presents and receiving gifts, and most importantly: the time to indulge in food that only comes once a year with said season of comfort and joy.

Our calendars are filled with dates to meet family and friends. For mulled wine and biscuits in the afternoon, a Christmassy lunch with salmon and potatoes in the pub or for a relaxed dinner at the long dining table in our kitchen.

I am feeling sorry for all the actual and aspiring size zeros, who cannot tuck into the turkey and lick the gravy from their lips, without the guilt-ridden and all-consuming thoughts of how to get rid of all the extra calories.

Being a size zero (and thus anorectic per medical definition, if you don’t happen to be a 7-year-old) doesn’t only mean to miss out on all the great food, but also missing out on the great joy that goes together with sharing a meal.

Being anorectic is not fun. It’s self-destructive, isolating and it is lethal in up to 18% of the ‘cases’.

This is the season of comfort and joy. I just can’t get myself to post about this topic around Christmas. Instead, here is what I hope to see more of next year: Beautiful, healthy, smart women. Admired not only for their beauty, but also for their talent. Like her:

liv tylerOr her:


Malnourished Monday will be back in 2010. Scary and skinny as usual.


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