Merry Christmas!

Thank you Anetta, for the lovely singing teddy bear!


  1. @TheMadHouse: Same to you and your family!

    @marta: Well, someone sad video posting was how blogging 2010 looked. Just trying to keep up with technology 🙂

    @Island Mum: The bib and a few other great items were a generous gift from a certain Island Mum… Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas!

    @Karin: Christmas with your little Misses must be so cute – I bet she can’t get enough of all the stories and fairy lights.

    @Make do mum: I know, she is soooo cute. But as her mum I might be a teeny bit biased 😀

  2. That is the cutest Christmas video EVER! Little L. rockin’ moves are so adorable! Hey she’s got more rythm than most people and that says alot for a 9 month old baby:) Merry Christmas to you 3! xxx LZ

  3. Aw.. that is the sweetest thing I have ever seen… your little girl is a heart breaker!! Have a wonderful Christmas lovely friend! xx

  4. OK. So I think that thing is genius… but probably only for about what… 2 days then you get a bit sick of it? Although as long as she’s that cute with it I guess I’d probably put up with it for a while longer! Merry Happy!

  5. Oh how cute is that! Have a fabulous first Christmas as a family! I’m sure Little L will love it all (and so will you).

  6. love love the videooooo!!! so very cute – definitely put a smile on my face!

    happy happy holiday! wish you all the best, xx

  7. Little L is a mover and a shaker. She could not be cuter. I hope you 3 had the Merriest Christmas and we will see you in 2010. Big mushy kisses from NYC.

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