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2009 – the highlights

The ever so fabulous Mothership asked me for my highlights of 2009. I was pondering a few days about what 2009 had in store for me, and I came up with just one highlight.



Becoming a mother has been such a life-changing event; ‘highlight’ does not quite cover the ups (or the lows) that I since have lived through physically and emotionally. Although I am still the same, I have changed a lot. I hope for the better.

So, what were your highlights, 40 Not Out, Rose beyond the Thames, North West London Girl in the Country, Rosie Scribble and A Confused Take That Fan?


  1. awww that picture is gorgeous 🙂 a great highlight to celebrate xxxx

  2. Absolutely the greatest thing ever – even with all the sleepless nights and lifetime of worry and care. Congratulations again. She looks such a little beauty.

    I can’t say ’09 was a great year for me/us. ‘We got through it’ is about as good as I can say. It wasn’t like there was a particular crisis or anything but the ol’ credit crunch came at an already-horrendous time in our financial history. So I am just very happy to have survived it all…and am hoping 2010 can only get better!!

  3. It is one of the biggest highlights of a womans life – the wonder of a new life! Thank you for the tag, I will ponder on it. I need to get techno savvy with this blogging lark – I feel such an amateur surrounded by some real pros, I had never heard of tagging xxxx

  4. Despite a naff year my highlights are all concerning my 3 children – they just lift your spirits don’t they. And the first time you meet must be the greatest highlight of all – congrats on a great year MM.

  5. That’s so true, having the babies is still the highlight of my life.
    I have tagged you ( not sure you have this one already) with the favorite photo meme…
    Looking forward to seeing your choice.

  6. what a wonderful highlight that is. I imagine you to be a wonderful Mum. I will have a think about my highlights and post!

  7. Awww… I have 3 or 4 pics of my husband and children sound asleep, when the kids were babies, toddlers, and young’uns. Wouldn’t it be cute to make a photo collage of those? You could start collecting them now, and a few years down the road you’ll have a great collection of special moments to look back on!

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